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“Investing Masters” – Learn investing from practitioners at a free online conference

“Investing Masters” – Learn investing from practitioners at a free online conference

created Forex Club23 May 2024

Education is the basis for effective investing. But how to find sources worthy of interest? In this case, it is worth paying attention to comments from capital market stars. This is why the new "Investing Masters" conference was created.

In recent years, the situation on financial markets has been very dynamic. High volatility also creates potential investment opportunities. However, entering the capital market without proper preparation is a path to nowhere. Therefore, a dose of practical knowledge is the first step to success on the stock exchange. It's even better when the best investors share their observations about the capital market.

The "Masters of Investing" conference was created to provide practical knowledge about capital markets. During this free event, the best investors of the XTB platform will share their secrets related to the stock exchange. However, above all, it will be a place where the speakers will be verified and, above all, effective investors.

Investing Masters reveal their secrets

During the free event, which is scheduled for May 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m, six investors will appear. Each of them will talk about their strategy and approach to investing. This will be a unique opportunity to learn the way of thinking of the best investors on the XTB platform.

Importantly, during the "Investment Masters" conference, participants will learn the secrets of capital management at almost every stage of investment. From the process of consciously making investment decisions, through selecting a strategy, to maintaining or modifying it. This event may prove to be an added value for every investor, regardless of their level of advancement.


See what topics will be discussed at the Investing Champions conference:

  • Is history repeating itself and will we see a repeat of the Dot Com bubble? Many investors see similarities between today's AI mania and the one we experienced over two decades ago. Are these recurring patterns in the economy and charts something we need to worry about? He'll tell you about it Mieczysław Siudek.
  • Which is better, speculation or long-term investing? – He will answer this question Damian Panek, i.e. an investor who achieved an impressive rate of return of several hundred percent on his IKE account.
  • Is it possible to make money on the market by investing in companies that are reaching historic highs? This is the investment philosophy he presents Artur Jagłowski, and at the moment we can say that this approach is effective for this investor.
  • “Trend is your friend” – how to use this stock market maxim to achieve success in financial markets He will tell you about it Robert Smug, which will show by example that sometimes it is worth paying attention to famous stock market sayings.
  • How to choose a company for your portfolio? This is a question most investors ask themselves. Therefore, Jakub Wikiera will tell us about his decision-making process, which improves the process of selecting specific companies.

How to choose stocks so that you can forget about them? Warren Buffett stated that his favorite investment horizon was infinity and this strategy led him to achieve huge profits. The lecture will tell you how to do it Bartosz Szyma.


Investing is risky and you may lose some or all of your invested capital. The information provided is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute any type of financial advice or investment recommendation.

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