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Mantra (OM) – this cryptocurrency increased in price 2024 times in 20

Mantra (OM) – this cryptocurrency increased in price 2024 times in 20

created Michał Sielski8 May 2024

At first, calmly, sluggishly like a turtle... but when it shoots up, the one who sold at the top can count on huge profits. Is this the end or just the beginning of the cryptocurrency rally? Mantra (OM)? Let's check what makes it stand out in the sea of ​​tokens and why it is so popular this year.

We continue the series of the Forex Club portal, in which we analyze and describe the largest, highest valued, most interesting, most developed, advanced, and most controversial cryptocurrency projects around the world. Today it's time for the Mantra blockchain and its native token ON.

What is Mantra (OM)?

Mantra is a blockchain ecosystem that is vertically integrated. This means it covers DAO and Mantra nodes adapted to business operations. There is also Mantra Chain, a protocol dedicated to various resources of the Cosmos ecosystem, as well as Mantra Finance, a DeFi platform that connects the token with the world of traditional finance in an extremely fast and transparent way.

Interestingly, Mantra is not a new blockchain at all. It was created already in 2020. At first, it operated as Mantra DAO, which was considered user-friendly and safe.

The OMniverse will be created

The development accelerated when it was decided to rebrand. The Mantra system was renamed OMniverse, which consists of four elements covering a wide range of products and services for private and institutional clients. The products focus on MANTRA Nodes, MANTRA Chain, MANTRA Finance and MANTRA Dao.

MANTRA Nodes are the foundation of the system. They generate revenue and are responsible for the development of community resources. You can configure validator node operations for both institutional clients and private individuals. They operate in blockchain technology and cloud, so they are characterized by high security.

MANTRA Chain, in turn, is an interoperable protocol for the Cosmos ecosystem. Thanks to it, you can build literally anything in it: games, web3 applications, and even decentralized ones Cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) operating not only in the environment Cosmos, but also Ethereum.

MANTRA Finance is a platform connecting DeFi with the world of traditional finance.

MANTRA Dao engages communities beyond OMniverse. Thanks to this, you can use many system services: financial management, obtaining subsidies, and even managing human resources in your company.

How the Mantra (OM) token works

OM is a native OMniverse token and, like any token dedicated to a specific network, it has various utility options:

Governance: OM token stakers can participate in governance votes as well as report changes to various products across the OMniverse.

Staking: OM can be staked (i.e. invested as interest-bearing products) on the MANTRA online application, as well as on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Airdrops: OM token holders receive special access to new DAO token issuances, as well as to partner DAO token airdrops.

Mantra (OM) cryptocurrency quotes

Currently, the Mantra (OM) cryptocurrency can be purchased on 17 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, including the most popular one in the world - Binance. As of May 07, 2024, there are 810 units in circulation, which is 731% of the target 946 units. Each of them costs USD 91, which translates into a capitalization of over USD 888 million. The peak of the quotations took place on April 888, 888, when Mantra (OM) was priced at USD 0,75.

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