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As many as 86% of female investors in Poland secure the future of their finances

As many as 86% of female investors in Poland secure the future of their finances

created Forex Club23 February 2022

As many as 86% of female investors in Poland are convinced that they will achieve the desired income in retirement. According to 46%, they will implement the plan in just 6-10 years. The results come from a global survey of 9500 female investor women conducted by global investment platform eToro. 500 investing Polish women participated in the survey.

Women invest savings because ...

Women are also super savers, half of those polled invest every month and 15% of them invest almost half of their monthly income (45%). They invest to increase their savings, supplement their income, improve their lifestyle and gain financial independence. Women in Poland are mainly investing in order to generate more income (77%), but 38% say the reason is curiosity. One-third of them he fights in this way against the lack of interest on the bank accountand 28% treats investing as a challenge.

Almost 62% use various sources to educate themselves, and 59% look for ideas for new investments. During the research, as many as 46% look for confirmation for their investment decisions and strategy. Almost a quarter (23%) do not know what to invest in, but more than half see the need for more education in this area. On the other hand, almost half (49%) need female patterns of investing.

EToro's Global COO and Deputy CEO Dr. Hedva Ber comments:

“Women are using investment as a powerful lever to secure their future, increase income or build net wealth in the context of rising inflation, high energy prices and the impact of the pandemic. Research clearly shows that female investors shape their own future and think long-term, which makes us happy.

Women clearly want to improve their finances and they want more education about it, especially in schools. The fact that women are calling for more female role models means that the investment industry has a duty to respond. We need to make sure that financial education is accessible to women and stimulate a global discussion on it. Each of us has a responsibility for positive changes in women's lives - both now and in the future. ”

What are they most likely to invest in?

Surprisingly, Polish women participating in the survey are currently most willing to invest in cryptocurrency (36%) and cash (36%) and then domestic stocks (32%). In the future, women plan first invest in cryptocurrenciesand in the second, commodities (such as oil, gold or copper), which confirms that cryptocurrencies are entering the mainstream for good.

Heloise Greeff, eToro Popular Investor, adds:

“I started my eToro investment journey to gain financial freedom and be independent of society's expectations of me as a woman. While the impostor syndrome prevented me from starting this path earlier, I have since learned that I am capable of achieving much more than I could have imagined. Investing has taught me patience, discipline and focus. More importantly, it has given me the means to control my future and increase my money, both for my family and myself. I believe that financial equality is the ultimate limit to real equality. I hope my example will encourage other women to take the first step towards financial gender equality. "

The consequences of the pandemic are still felt: 60% of female investors say they have influenced their investment habits, and 35% say they need a savings pool now. Another 33% say they are now feeling more pressure to improve their financial situation, and over 30% say they now have less income.

Other key conclusions regarding investing Polish women:

  • Female investors recognize that the best investment opportunities in the coming months will come first from real estate and secondly from shares MOM (Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and the alphabet).
  • In addition to using Google, female investors rely heavily on personal recommendations for information on how and when to invest - 41% turn to friends, family or colleagues for information on investing.
  • As many as 90% of female investors treat investing as an element of household finance management; 69% have majority or full control of their household's finances.
  • Over 29% of the respondents started investing within the last year or two, and another 30% 3 to 5 years ago; 16% started during a pandemic - in the last 12 months.
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