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account types


Min. Deposit

none (recommended min. PLN 2000, USD 500, EUR)


KNF (Poland), FCA (Great Britain), BaFin (Germany)


Forex, indices, raw materials, shares, ETFs, CFDs on shares and ETFs, cryptocurrencies


Retail customer - max. 1: 30
Experienced customer - max. 1: 100
Professional customer - max. 1: 200

Type of spread


Spread EUR / USD

from 0,8 pips

Min. Volume

0.01 lot



An account in a Polish bank


Deposit guarantee

to 3 000 EUR in 100% and to 22 000 EUR in 90%


xNUMX xStation

WEB platform


Mobile platform

iOS, Android

Additional services

Investment plans (passive investing), Interest on account funds, Educational package, training and courses with professional traders


X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski SA ( XTB ) is the largest Forex broker in Central and Eastern Europe, present on the market since 2005, awarded many times by institutions such as Bloomberg, Forbes and Money Markets Journal. It is a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, providing brokerage services on the Forex market as well as on the stock market. XTB is regulated by KNF (license no. DDM-M-4021-57-1/2005), FCA and BaFIN.

Additional features of the offer:

  • Educational package (book + 5 investment courses) for our Members,
  • Competitive spreads and commissions,
  • 0% commission on shares (up to a monthly turnover of EUR 100),
  • Possibility to change the categorization to an experienced client (lever 1: 100) or a professional customer (lever 1: 200),
  • Investment plans – passive investing service – check the details,
  • Interest rate on free funds on the account – in PLN, USD and EUR,
  • No requotes,
  • Over 6200 instruments to trade – CFDs (currencies, raw materials, commodities), shares, CFDs on shares, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and CFDs on ETFs,
  • Any form of trade accepted: day trading, scalping, news trading, HFT,
  • Possibility to exchange currencies from the Investor's Room,
  • Market swap points.

XTB offer has been available on our portal since October 2016. By creating an account from the Forex Club website, you gain access to a whole range of benefits - and everything is in full FREE.


XTB educational package (book + 5 courses)

Opening a real account from the page level Forex Club you will receive an investment book from X-Trade Brokers and access to 5 investment courses with a total length of more than 30 hours - just mention it to your account manager.

 forex book

The number of books is limited.

Investment rates:

  • Investing in stocks and ETFs - Trader 21,
  • Investing in the stock market - Albert "Longterm" Rokicki,
  • 8-hour trading course - Mieczysław Siudek,
  • Ichimoku course - Grzegorz Moskwa
  • VSA course - Rafał Glinicki.

DEMO account

DEMO account 

In order for every investor to test the offered platforms and become acquainted with the trading conditions in a practical form, demo accounts have been made available to simulate real trading.

xtb demo

All you have to do is fill in a very short form and then select the appropriate parameters for your demo account. The access data to the invoice will be sent by e-mail with the possibility of immediate logging in.

In order to be able to receive an educational package and access to Forex Club benefits in the future, a demo account must also be opened from the link below!

REAL Account

REAL account

Individual clients

  1. Go to the form via this link - GO  
  2. A prerequisite for obtaining additional benefits is to go to the form via the link above.
  3. Fill out the registration form - in the first step you set your password, which will be used to log into the Investor's Room.
  4. Prepare a scan of your ID card and receipt, which should be sent to the broker.
  5. The entire registration procedure is carried out electronically - verification usually takes no more than 24 hours.
  6. The account can be credited from the level of the Investor's Room.

Institutional clients

In the case of institutional clients, the procedure differs from the one described above. To open a business account and obtain details, please contact us in advance contact.

77% of retail investors' accounts record losses as a result of trading CFDs at this supplier. Think about whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford a high risk of losing money.

An experienced customer
An experienced customer

From August 2, 2019 due to the entry into force of changes in regulations introduced by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, a new categorization has been created, i.e. an experienced client. It is a response to the expectations of retail investors who are characterized by greater experience and knowledge about trading.


The procedure for changing the classification:

  • STEP 1 - ask XTB for a request: Request an application for the status of an Experienced Retail Client to be sent to you,
  • STEP 2 - completing the application: You will receive the application by e-mail. In the application you must confirm that you meet the criteria.
  • STEP 3 - sending back the application: Send the completed application by e-mail to the address pomoc@xtb.plalong with the necessary documents. After examining the application, the broker will inform you about the decision to change the status.

A customer experienced in XTB receives:

  • The lever max. 1: 100,
  • Protection against negative balance without limits,
  • Access to all offered instruments and trading conditions (spreads, commissions),
  • Maintenance of deposit guarantees,
  • The ability to return to the status of a retail customer at any time.

Professional customer
Professional customer

XTB allows you to change the classification of a customer from retail and experienced to professional. To be able to apply for a change in categorization, two of the following three conditions must be met.

Conditions for changing classification:

  1. Conducting transactions with a value of the PLN equivalent of at least EUR 50 each, in the number of at least 000 transactions per quarter in the last 10 quarters;
  2. The value of the investment portfolio held exceeds the equivalent of EUR 500 (or the equivalent in another currency);
  3. Professional experience for at least one year in the financial sector in a position requiring knowledge regarding transactions in financial instruments or brokerage services.


A professional client at XTB receives:

  • The lever max. 1: 200,
  • Protection against negative balance without limits,
  • Access to all instruments offered and transaction conditions (spreads, commissions, platforms),
  • Maintenance of deposit guarantees,
  • The ability to return to the status of a retail customer at any time.

The procedure for changing the classification:

  1. It should be sent to the address pomoc@xtb.pl information with a request to send an application for the status of a professional client.
  2. You must complete the form indicated by the broker.
  3. Indicate in the application that you meet at least 2 of the 3 requirements - in the case of an employment condition, the confirmation is a CV.
  4. The broker will contact you after verification of the application.

Investor's room
Investor's room

Investor's Room is an innovative system in which we can manage our accounts and have access to all necessary tools. It is enough to create a real account in order to quickly set up new bills or download any trading platform.

payment xtb

What you will find in the Investor's Room:

  • Status of your bills,
  • Possibility to open additional accounts – demo and real,
  • Transaction platforms to download,
  • The ability to make deposits and withdrawals and internal transfers between accounts,
  • Internal mail with new items from the broker,
  • Your data and documents
  • Complaint forms.

Logging in to the Investor's Room is possible only after creating a real account.

Types of accounts

Types of accounts

X-Trade Brokers offers one type of account (STANDARD), which provides comprehensive investment solutions. The intuitive and failure-free platform within which we have access to over 5500 financial instruments, micro-lots, no commissions on currencies and educational materials is the foundation of XTB's offer. 

 Account name STANDARD
Min. Deposit none (recommended min. PLN 2000 / USD 500, EUR)
Execution market
Min. Volume 0.01 lot
Leverage Retail customer - max. 1:30 am
Experienced customer - max. 1: 100
Professional client - max. 1: 200
spreads variable spread
Commission on currencies None 
Commission on shares 0% up to 100 thousand EUR turnover per month
Rekwotowania NEVER
instruments currencies, indices, raw materials, shares, ETFs, CFDs on shares and ETFs, cryptocurrencies (approx. 6200)
Platform xStation + xStation Mobile (iOS, Android)
Personal carer YES


Commission policy

Commission policy

X-Trade Brokers charges fees differently, depending on the choice of instrument class. It can be both the spread itself and the spread + commission depending on the transaction value.

Currency pairs

For currency pairs, the only fee that is charged by the broker is the floating spread. When you hold a position for the next day, swap points are added, which can be both a cost and additional remuneration for the investor. Swap rates are updated on an ongoing basis and are close to market values.

Type of invoice  *STANDARD
Standard commission spread
Spread on EUR / USD from 0,8 pips

Contracts for exchange differences (CFDs)

Trade commissions on CFDs result from the table the specification of derivatives.

Additional information:

  • The minimum order size for stock indices, commodities and bonds is 0,01 lot.
  • For CFD for stocks and ETF, the leverage is 1: 5.
  • A detailed commission table for the shares is located HERE.

0% commission on shares and ETFs

0% commission on shares

X-Trade Brokers introduced a revolutionary offer, providing its clients with a 0% commission on the purchase of shares and ETFs (also via Investment Plans) up to the limit of EUR 100 per month. After exceeding this limit, commissions of 000% (min. EUR 0,2) are charged. The turnover limit is reset to zero every month, and the remaining limit can be checked from the xStation platform in the transaction window.

0% commission on shares and ETFs applies up to PLN 100. EUR turnover per month.

Financial instruments

Investment instruments

Regardless of the selected account type, each client receives access to as many as 6200 derivatives. Both physical shares and ETFs are available, as well as CFD instruments based on currencies, indexes, raw materials, shares, cryptocurrencies and ETFs.

instruments Currencies Indices Raw Materials Projects CFD for Shares ETF ETF CFDs Cryptocurrencies
the total amount 71 33 27 3500 2000 400 170 40

Specification tables of all derivatives - download PDF

Disbursement of funds

The order to withdraw funds is placed by logging in to the Investor's Room to a defined bank account. All withdrawals are free, however, when withdrawing funds in a foreign currency such as USD or EUR, there may be commissions charged by the transaction intermediary (depending on the bank to which we order the withdrawal).

Interest rate on funds

Interest rate on funds

From 2023, funds on the XTB account are subject to interest (applies to accounts in PLN, USD and EUR). The offer is intended for existing and new customers. Promotional interest rates apply to new customers and are limited to 90 days from the date of conclusion of the contract. Current rates available at this subpage and in the table below.

interest rate on xtb funds

What you need to know:

  • Interest is calculated every day at midnight,
  • The interest value is added to the account balance by the 5th day of the new month for the previous month,
  • The interest rate may change no more frequently than weekly (depending on market conditions),
  • There is no limit to the amount of funds that are subject to interest.

XTB trading platforms

xNUMX xStation

It is a professional tool for trading from any computer without the need to install any software (except the web browser). It offers real-time charts, basic trading tools and fully convenient position management, thanks to the ability to add and edit orders from the graph and level.


Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explores, Opera, Safari.

Advantages of xStation:

  • trading platform without the need for installation,
  • volume indicator and market depth,
  • all markets in one place,
  • cooperation with all popular browsers,
  • speed and reliability of operation,
  • one-click trade,
  • useful tools: market sentiment, company and ETF scanner, heat map
  • support of keyboard shortcuts,
  • access to macro messages and calendar,
  • extensive analytical tools,
  • advanced statistics regarding the account,
  • adding and editing order levels on the chart,
  • quick switching between accounts,
  • available mobile versions: iOS and Android.

Go to xStation:

Mobile platforms

XTB also offers two varieties of trading platforms in the mobile version - xStation for iOS and Android devices. Both applications are free and available for download from the AppStore and Google Play.

xstation ios  xstation xtb mobile



General questions

You must go through the registration procedure, which is described on our website.
Each client who opens a real account from ForexClub.pl can receive an educational package. The entire registration procedure is described on our website. The educational package is provided by XTB.
No, there is no required minimum amount regardless of the account type, however, the recommended minimum is PLN 2000 or USD 500, EUR.
The registration procedure is completed online, so it is possible to send documents electronically, although the best way is to attach scans via Investor's room.
The entire account opening procedure, including the deposit payment, should be closed within 1-3 days until you can place orders.
Yes, due to the fact that it is a licensed Polish brokerage house and is subject to the supervision of the PFSA, it is obliged to issue to its client PIT-8C on the basis of which the tax should be settled.


XTB offers one desktop platform - xStation 5.0 - which offers access to all trading instruments. Additionally, a mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices. We recommend that you test the platform on a demo account in order to be able to familiarize yourself with all its functionalities without taking any risk.
In XTB, the spreads are variable and depend on the type of instrument.
The minimum volume is 0.01 lot.
Of course. There are no prohibitions or restrictions on this matter.
If you do not have an emergency internet connection, you can use the XTB 24h emergency line. You can use it to modify or close the order. To do this, call + 48 22 201 95 60.

Deposits and withdrawals

The deposit can be sent via bank transfer, PayU, Blue Media, BLIK, credit / debit card or PayPal. Payments are made only by bank transfer.
The posting time for a bank transfer is 1 working day. With other types of payments it's a matter of a few minutes.
No. You can only withdraw deposits to your bank account. Transactions to third parties are not accepted.
Withdrawal of funds is free of charge.
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