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23 May 2024

“Investing Masters” – Learn investing from practitioners at a free online conference

Education is the basis for effective investing. But how to find sources worthy of interest? In this case, it is worth paying attention to comments from capital market stars. This is why a new conference [...]
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20 May 2024

AI is on the rise again! What will the week bring?

Last week, investors focused primarily on the next inflation data from the US. And although the American CPI report did not surprise with a significant drop in price growth dynamics, it was an impulse for further [...]
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13 May 2024

We are waiting for inflation again! What will the week bring?

We start the new week in a positive mood once again. The best example of this is the record level on the DAX or the very large market recovery in China. All this despite further signals about a possible rebound [...]
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6 May 2024

Will “Sell in May” work? What will the week bring?

In recent weeks, the specter of a correction has become more and more visible on the market. Is this the effect of the famous statement "Sell in May and go away"? Or maybe the cooling of the market has completely different reasons? Moreover, Dr. Przemysław Kwiecień [...]
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April 29 2024

Will Big-Techs drive growth? What will the week bring?

Although from the Polish perspective it might seem that we have a quiet week ahead of us, nothing could be further from the truth. There will be a lot going on on global markets, and above all, investors' eyes will be focused on the United States [...]
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April 23 2024

Gold records, what's next? Webinar on Wednesday at 19:00 p.m

From around October 2022, gold prices have been steadily rising, bouncing off the lower end of long-term consolidation. In March this year gold reached around USD 2100 per ounce, then accelerated its growth [...]
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April 15 2024

Iran attacks Israel, what next? What will the week bring?

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, Iran fired about 300 missiles and drones towards Israel, which constitutes a serious escalation of the conflict in the Middle East. Tel Aviv admitted that the attack was a declaration of war and markets quickly [...]
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April 8 2024

Discounts only in September? What will the week bring?

The key event of the past week for financial market participants was the Friday publication of the NFP report. The strong employment change reading in the United States surprised investors and led to a shift [...]
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25 March 2024

Who will cut rates first? What will the week bring?

The past week on financial markets brought many - often surprising - monetary decisions by major central banks. The Bank of Japan, after 17 years of maintaining negative interest rates, recently decided [...]
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24 March 2024

Scalping Basics: Putting Your Strategy into Action! Webinars with Mr Yogi – March 2024

We invite you to free webinars with Michał Zbróg, known in the trader community as MrYogi - a living legend of Polish trading. During four online meetings, Michał will share with you his knowledge and experience in [...]
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