Trading on the currency market carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for every investor. A high leverage can work both in its favor and disadvantage. Before making a decision on currency trading, an investor should carefully consider their goals, experience and level of risk. It is possible to lose some or all of the initial capital invested. Therefore, you should not invest money that you can not afford to lose. The investor should be aware of the risks associated with currency trading and in case of doubt try to seek help from an independent financial adviser.

There are also risks associated with the use of an internet based trading system, including failure of hardware, software and internet connection. None of the brokers control the signal strength, configuration of your equipment or the reliability of its connections, they can not be responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays during internet trading. Brokers have backup systems and contingency plans to minimize the possibility of system failure on their side.

The trading platform provides a sophisticated way to enter orders and track those orders. The brokers on our site make every effort to ensure that your orders are executed at the requested prices. Online trading, no matter how convenient and effective it is, does not necessarily reduce the risk associated with currency trading. All quotes and transactions are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the contract with the client.

Forex Club is not a brokerage house and does not conduct brokerage activities within the meaning of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments. It does not provide financial advice, does not issue recommendations, does not accept orders or payments from clients, does not mediate in their implementation, and does not perform any other activities that require special licenses. Forex Club is also not an intermediary or agent of an investment company. The Forex Club website is not a party to the contract - Clients sign a contract directly with the selected broker. Forex Club is also not responsible for investment decisions made on the basis of information, analyzes and comments posted on this website. These are only views expressed by the authors of the website, persons and companies cooperating.

Investors opening investment accounts should be aware of the risks associated with investing funds on the currency market. By opening an investment account, the client confirms that he has become familiar with the content of this website and has sufficient knowledge and experience to conduct independent investments.