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April 10 2023

Forex Tester 5 - combine for testing strategies [Review]

Do you have your own machine but you have a problem to test it properly? Forex Tester 5 can help you - a commercial harvester that provides algorithmic traders with a mass of solutions that allow you to more conveniently, [...]
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August 16 2021

Black Box - What are Forex Black Boxes

Automated trading systems of mesmerizing given traders and often tempted fantastic results from the tester strategy. Having a robot that trades for us, we turn off our emotions, we turn off the stress related to [...]
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January 4 2018

Backtesting is definitely not enough - check your machine

Deciding to trade using automated strategies, we must be aware that just designing and coding strategy conditions is just the beginning of the road. The next step is the so-called backtesting, i.e. [...]
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December 28, 2017

Automatic trading on Bitcoin - does it make sense?

But is algorithmic trading on Bitcoin a good idea? Let's analyze this issue. But from the beginning ... Bitcoin beats records of popularity in the year 2017. Every day, financial portals flood us with extremely shocking [...]
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December 19, 2017

Problems and errors when using the machines on MetaTrader 4

Automatic trading is becoming more and more popular from year to year. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most-known Forex platform - MetaTrader [...] is used to trade with robots by retail traders.
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23 March 2017

VPS and Forex trading

Using a virtual VPS server for trading in the Forex market is the next step in the initiation. VPS - on the forums, this mysterious shortcut often scrolls. But what is it actually, what its use in trading can be and whether [...]
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15 February 2017

Extending chart history on MT4 and tic data from Dukascopy

A common problem for traders is limited access to charting history. This is especially noticeable at lower intervals, where brokers share history typically up to a year back, and this does not necessarily satisfy the [...]
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November 29 2014

How to run a Forex slot machine (Expert Advisor)

Slots, robots, EA (Expert Advisor), self-trading systems - all these terms refer to the same, i.e. a program or script that concludes transactions or takes other investment actions on the platform [...]
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