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April 30 2024

Option warrants – is it worth using an option substitute?

Recently, option warrants for selected indices (WIG 20, mWIG40, DAX) and some shares (including PKO, Pekao, KGHM, Orlen, Pepco, Allegro) debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The instrument in question is not very widely known [...]
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8 March 2024

Chinese electric cars want to conquer the global EV market. Will they make it?

Cars were a segment that developed well in Europe and the United States in the 20th century. When it seemed that the Euro-Atlantic would dominate the entire world, strong competition appeared from Japan and Korea [...]
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2 February 2024

Wheel Strategy, i.e. spin circles using options

Options are a great derivative instrument that allows you to create interesting investment strategies. With specialized strategies, you can make profits in various market situations. In this article we will focus on [...]
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January 26 2024

Washington Consensus – a blessing or a curse?

This name was first proposed in 1989 by the liberal British economist, James Williamson. The Consensus was created with Latin American countries in mind. The countries of this region in the 80s [...]
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November 17 2023

Taylor Rule – what does it predict for the coming years?

For many years, people have been working on ways to automatically manage monetary policy. There were many ideas, some more successful than others. Among the very famous formulas is the so-called Taylor Rule. [...]
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November 10 2023

Turkish monetary policy – ​​what went wrong. The lyre dance of the dervishes is in full swing

In this article, we will tell you about the history of Turkey's struggles with a weakening currency and the effects of introducing new ideas to heal the economic situation. Let's start with a picture that says more than 1000 words - a chart [...]
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22 Września 2023

Stagflation, Volcker Shock – is this a real threat now?

Volcker's shock can only be explained by going back to the 70s. The period of stagflation influenced the actions of politicians and central banks throughout the capitalist world. Until the 70s, economists believed that [...]
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1 Września 2023

Once a dove, once a hawk - won't Adam Glapiński fly too far?

We will certainly remember the last year in terms of monetary policy in Poland and in the world for a long time. Perhaps longer than these memories will survive only the golden thoughts he shared during [...]
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August 5 2023

US rating downgrade. Is this a blow to the public finances of the United States?

On August 1, 2023, after the session on the American market, information appeared that the Fitch rating agency downgraded the credit rating of the United States from AAA to AA+. Does this information affect the financial markets? [...]
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26 May 2023

Debt Ceiling and Government Shutdown – Opportunity or Threat for Investors?

The debt limit in the United States has recently been in the media, not only the financial ones. The more catchy headlines threaten the bankruptcy of the United States. This is to lead to the so-called Government Shutdown. [...]