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Bitcoin Scam - Watch Out For These Companies! List of 48 entities

Bitcoin Scam - Watch Out For These Companies! List of 48 entities

created Michał SielskiApril 23 2020

Beware of Bitcoin Scams - Bitcoin Revolution and its Affiliates!

"Robert Lewandowski earns on cryptocurrencies", "Kuba Wojewódzki buys Bitcoins", "Dominika Kulczyk bets on BTC" - these are flashy ad titles, more and more of which appear on the Internet. What connects them? They are all glamorous and just as untrue. Fraudsters cheat on websites, but also call people who are in any way related to the financial market, as one of the members of the Forex Club team found out in recent days.

- “Hello, I'm calling to finish the registration process on our website. We're almost done, but we still need to complete the rest of the data. I have my name and surname, I am asking for the ID number. " A nice voice with a melodious Eastern accent said on the phone.

He heard that this is the effect of registration on one of the pages, listing in turn 5 different names (you could choose 🙂), and thanks to capital management at the highest level and above average growth on the cryptocurrency market will earn much more than in any investment fund. In addition, there is practically no risk, because in fact it is not an investment, but even a deposit. The incentives were fairly general, intended to stimulate the imagination rather than to promise specific amounts. So you can see that the script of such conversations is carefully prepared.

How to recover funds from a fraudster

MyChargeBack.com is an American company specializing in the recovery of funds extorted by unreliable companies and "scams" pretending to be honest Forex brokers, binary options brokers and cryptocurrency projects. If you've been scammed, there's a good chance that MyChargeBack.com will be able to help you!

The fact is that you can earn above average on cryptocurrencies (lose also, but this topic was not included in the conversation). The fact is that it can be considered an investment and an investment. The fact is that if we choose the right period, it turns out that it was "impossible" to lose in it.

Everything else is a lie. There is a risk and known people do not endorse it with their names.

Stars that allegedly invest in cryptocurrencies

In short: it is a scam and an attempt to extort both personal data and money. Let's explain how it works.

Website ads that allow you to instantly and a lot of money from investing in cryptocurrencies use images of famous people. They include football players Robert Lewandowski and Krzysztof Piątek, known from television Kuba Wojewódzki, Marcin Prokop, Piotr Kraśko and Kinga Rusin as well as business representatives Dominika Kulczyk and Zygmunt Solorz-Żak.

Each of these individuals allegedly encouraging investment in Bitcoin denies that their image be used legally there. Despite this, there are not only photos, but also assembled movies, manipulated statements and incentives to invest in Bitcoins through platforms created solely for the purpose of deception. Most of them have names that clearly indicate a bright future:

  • Bitcoin profit,
  • Bitcoin Billionaire,
  • Bitcoin Future,
  • Bitcoin Profit,
  • Bitcoin Revolution.

How to recognize a Bitcoin scam

On portals with similar names we will find not only mass media stars encouraging to invest, but also the opinions of satisfied users. Of course, made up, often adorned with photos downloaded from the abyss of the Internet.

So how do you avoid fraud? How to recognize a page of tricksters, distinguish it from a legitimate and investment site? There are several ways.

1. Check the regulations

Every investment broker should have rules. As a rule, it is placed at the bottom of the page. If the website is in Polish and the regulations are in English - resign. If it is in Polish, but the rules are so complicated that you don't know what's going on - give up. If there is information that this is a simulation, demonstration, etc. - resign.

2. Check the reviews

The easiest and most effective way for companies / sites that already have some history on the Internet. Enter the site name and the words "scam", "scam" or "extortion" into the search engine. The deceived often share their stories, describing them quite accurately. If you come across such - give up.

3. Check the web address

If the website has not invested in an SSL certificate, i.e. there is no https at the beginning of the address, but there is http - resign.

4. Check where the banners and links are directed

On a normal and legally operating website, there are advertisements, but also links to various places: websites, sources, official organizations. If on a website that offers great earnings, all links lead to creating an account and investing, and advertising banners also call for the same - resign.

5. Check the photos

On scam sites you will often find pictures of "happy customers" along with a description of their successful investments. On page Google Images you can easily check them - if they previously appeared on the web and the client was a dentist, car dealer, happy father, etc. - give up.

Bitcoin deception is constantly evolving

The examples we've covered are the most commonly used methods, but remember that the cheating pattern is constantly changing. They have one thing in common - a more or less concrete promise of high profits in a short time.

The deposit is usually lost, but not immediately. After all, no one finishes an investment that brings profits all the time ... This is what fraudsters rely on - presenting virtual income and encouraging further investments. The problem arises only when you try to withdraw money. However, if you follow the above rules and use common sense, you will be able to avoid it. Because you won't pay money to scammers.

List of sites and programs that prevent or impede the withdrawal of funds:

1K Daily Profit Auto Bitcoin Generator Bitcoin Billionaire Bitcoin Bonanza Bitcoin Code Bitcoin Compass
Bitcoin Compass PL Bitcoin Era Bitcoin Evolution BitcoinFuture Bitcoin Future Bitcoin loophole
Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Bitcoin Miner Bitcoin NewsTrader Bitcoin Revolution Bitcoin Profit Secret Bitcoin
BitcoinTime bitcoin victory Bitcoin wealth Bitcoin Investor Bitcoin Profits Bitcoin Robot
Cash Rain CryptoCash Crypto Crash Fortune Crypto engine CryptoFutureApp crypto group
Crypto Profit Crypto Revolt TradeChampion Dubai Lifestyle IQ mining Market CFDs
Maxitrade One Bitcoin A Day Pattern Trader Profit Formula Profit Maximizer Stellar Profit
The Bitcoin Method The Crypto Genius The MarketMaster The News Spy Trading bot Weed Millionaire

Have you been persuaded? There is a chance to recover funds

Details you will find in THIS article.

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