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8 February 2024

“Index investing. Financial instruments of the ETN and ETC type [Review]

It is the same on every market - those who are the first to notice and understand its potential, and who are able to use it, earn the most. ETN and ETC are practically unknown in Poland and in our country [...]
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6 February 2024

The book “Index investing. Financial instruments of the type ETN and ETC" is now available!

The publication comprehensively discusses the idea of ​​index investing. It presents its essence, theoretical foundations, practical implications, advantages and disadvantages. It also includes an in-depth characterization of the indices whose performance [...]
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SEPTEMBER 26, 2023

Already have your f-you money? If not, find out what to do!

F-you money is a term that is causing a stir in the USA, but is still relatively unknown in Poland. It's a pity, because building financial independence is something that almost all of us can afford. And we don't have to [...]
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SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

Natalia Bojko "Demand and supply strategy in trading"

"Demand and supply strategy in trading. Introduction to the smart money concept" is the first Polish-language book that describes the SMC (smart money concept) structures. They are described on the basis of several years of observations by the author, [...]
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SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

The book “Step by step. About financial freedom and a prosperous, fulfilled life” now available

Money can buy many things, but none of them is worth more than independence. It establishes agency thanks to which we can create a lifestyle according to our own needs and expectations, striving for fulfillment, [...]
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22 Września 2023

Futures and Options - Download the free ebook from Forex Club!

Has become! The first full-size ebook by Forex Club has seen the light of day. And it's available for free! Futures and Options - An Introduction to Investing in Regulated Markets is a book for everyone [...]
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1 Września 2023

How to enter the world of cryptocurrencies safely and without rush [Review]

What if you invest literally a moment a day, a week or even a month and enjoy growing profits? Sounds like a fairy tale? Rafał Łapać argues in his book that it is possible. Book is [...]
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April 13 2023

FX Ichimoku – Download Grzegorz Moskwy's Ebook [Free]

If you are interested in Ichimoku strategy and want to learn more, you have come to the right place. Download the free FX Ichimoku Ebook by Grzegorz Moskwy and get the essentials you need about this amazing, [...]
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24 February 2023

SMART MONEY - money that rules the market [Free E-Book]

Smart Money is created by professional investors - often employed in investment funds or banks. They buy and sell huge amounts of stocks or contracts, trading millions of [...]
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January 5 2023

Rafał Janik – Book about investing volume 1 [Review]

There are few easy-to-read books on difficult topics. "Book about investing volume 1" is just such a position - and a must-have, not only for beginners. Investors on every level will find something for themselves [...]