Are you a beginner investor? You are wondering how to start your adventure with trading on Forex market? Sign up for free training that introduces you to trading on financial markets. Forex and CFD trainings are held in the form of online meetings. They are run by experienced investors, analysts and market practitioners who deal with it professionally on a daily basis.

Waiting for you include: Michał Stajniak, Dr. Przemysław Kwiecień, Łukasz Stefanik, Grzegorz Moskwa, Ali Mortazavi, Stefan Salomon, Paul Wallace, Luca Giusti, Nuno Mello.

Forex webinars and training in the coming weeks


Learning and practice are the keys to success in this difficult market. However, in order to achieve success, it is not necessary to attend, often paid, stationary training. Sign up for Webinars where you can learn how the currency market works without leaving your home. You will see how to use technical analysis and fundamental, you will learn trading strategies and how to configure and optimize them. You will learn how to effectively manage your capital.

Online training is aimed at both beginnersas well as advanced traders. The latter will surely find themselves during the Live Trading series. Webinars are usually held live, and some of them are later published on the organizer's website, so registered listeners have permanent access to them.

The list is updated on a regular basis, so visit this page often so that nothing escapes your attention.