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13 May 2024

Web3 wallet: what it is and how it works in the world of cryptocurrencies and DeFi

In the era of digitalization of finance, the Web3 wallet has become a key tool for anyone who wants to explore the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi). These advanced tools not only allow you to store [...]
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April 19 2024

Copy Trading at ByBit – we check how the competition does it!

The ByBit cryptocurrency exchange is one of Binance's biggest competitors. People who have not had contact with ByBit will certainly find their way around its mobile application very quickly, which is confusingly similar to [...]
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14 February 2024

We summarize the first experiences with Binance Copy Trading

It's been almost a month since we started our adventure with Binance Copy Trading, a relatively new functionality on the platform of the largest cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to copy the trades of other traders. Conclusions? There are [...]
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January 19 2024

We check how Copy Trading in Binance works in practice [TEST]

Copy Trading at Binance is a relatively new service, although the idea itself is nothing new. For over a decade, the so-called social investing (social trading) or under another name, i.e. "copying [...]
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January 5 2024

Binance Launchpool, or how to get cryptocurrencies for free

Binance Launchpool is an interesting way to expand your cryptocurrency portfolio with tokens that are just entering the market and increase the value of your "crypto-wealth". From this article you will learn what [...]
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22 March 2023

Byzantine fault tolerance in the blockchain

The question of Byzantine fault tolerance is one of the most frequently considered theoretical situations when discussing the nuances of consensus. This problem was first recognized as existing in the "Major Problems of [...]
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January 20 2023

CryptoQueen Ruja Ignatova – The story of one of the biggest crypto scams

The world of cryptocurrencies is not understandable to the average person. Terms such as blockchain, PoW, PoS, halving are completely incomprehensible to many. Of course, the level of awareness in society is already higher than in [...]
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SEPTEMBER 24, 2022

What is the Puella multiplier and how do I apply it?

The Puella multiplier is an indicator designed to analyze bitcoin's long-term market cycles based on miners' profits. The indicator is calculated as the ratio of the dollar value of the daily bitcoin emission to the 365-day [...]
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30 Września 2022

What is a vampire attack in the blockchain industry?

"Vampire Attack" is the strategy of a new blockchain project aimed at quickly attracting users and their funds from a more popular competitor application. Usually, the authors of a new application present the product [...]
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6 Września 2022

Will Tornado Cash end the privacy of cryptocurrencies?

Most cryptocurrencies no longer provide privacy, which knowledgeable people know very well. One of the last bastions of anonymous transactions was the Tornado Cash open source application. However, this bastion also fell. IN USA [...]
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