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How does unusual Polish trader invest? About trading, earning and education [Interview]

How does unusual Polish trader invest? About trading, earning and education [Interview]

created Forex ClubJune 3 2022

How to effectively learn to trade? Our today's guest told us about this and about his approach to trade - Marek Drabik, known more widely under the pseudonym An unusual Polish Trader. On a daily basis, he deals with the education of individual investors in the field of investments on the stock market. In an interview with Marek, we discussed topics related to, among other things, the difficulties that beginners in the market are waiting for, but he also revealed to us his approach to investing in cryptocurrencies.

Who is the Unusual Polish Trader

martin drabikMarek Drabik, an active investor and promoter of education in this field since 2017. In recent years, he has been building awareness and earning skills in individual investors. He was on stage with Michał Wawrzyniak, he gave a lecture at the International Congress Center in Katowice for over 500 people. For several years, he has been running stationary workshops, online training and individual mentoring. Leads the page and

Interviews with traders is a new cycle on the Forex Club portal. During casual talks with representatives of the Polish trading scene, we try to get to know the different angle of view on financial markets. Diverse methods of analysis, investment strategies, diversification and philosophies - everything that makes traders different from each other always has a common denominator in the form of a desire to make a profit. And we try to get the essence of it.

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