20% Commission discount


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account types


Min. Deposit

100 USD


FKTK (Latvia)


Currencies, metals, indices, commodities, bonds, shares, ETFs, cryptocurrencies


max. 1: 30

Type of spread

market variable

Spread EUR / USD

0,2 pips

Min. Volume

0.01 lot (1000 units)


From 0,0001% to 0,0035%

An account in a Polish bank


Deposit guarantee

in 100% to 3000 EUR and 90% to 22 000 EUR


JForex, MetaTrader 4
Optional: MultiCharts, ProTrader

WEB platform


Mobile platform

iOS, Android

Additional services

API, account card, own cryptocurrency (Dukascoin)


- low commissions
- an innovative platform
- ECN model


- higher commissions on MT4

Dukascopy is an international Forex ECN broker with headquarters in Geneva. It started its operations in 2004 with a share capital of CHF 22. The group includes Dukascopy Bank - a licensed Swiss bank - and Dukascopy Europe - a daughter company registered in the European Union (Latvia).

SWFX dukascopy europeIn the year 2006 the so-called SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace - this technology provides Dukascopy clients with the largest possible liquidity from the interbank market by associating orders from banks, hedge funds, other institutions and professional individual investors. In other words, the Swiss Foreign Exchange Marketplace is a technology solution that aims to centralize the decentralized Forex market and provide the maximum possible liquidity, thanks to which we can conclude a transaction worth hundreds of millions of dollars with a single click.

PROVISION DISCOUNT -20% (for the first month)

Additional features of the offer:

  • Reduced commission by -20% for the first month with Forex Club,
  • Access to the application Forex Club - Tax,
  • Transactions concluded directly on the interbank market (ECN),
  • Excellent liquidity thanks to the SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace technology,
  • The account kept in EUR, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, SGD, gold ... 24 currencies in total!
  • Protection against negative balances on the account,
  • Commissions depending on the deposit paid and the amount of funds on the account,
  • JForex, Web, Mobile and MetaTrader 4 platforms,
  • Accounts managed in PAMM technology,
  • The possibility of making a card associated with the investment account,
  • Any type of trade possible - hedging, scalping, news trading, HFT trading.

Dukascopy has been available on our portal since 2009. By creating an account from the Forex Club website, you get access to a whole range of benefits - and everything is in full FREE.

Having a real account in the Forex Club group you will receive:

  1. Reduced commission by -20% for the first month.
  2. Tool JForex Manual Trader for one month.
  3. Billing program with tax authorities - Tax program
  4. Discount on all FxCraft.biz products and programming services. Details

DEMO account

DEMO account 

The demo account in Dukascopy is no different from the real accounts - they are the same platform functions and the same quotes and spreads. However, we have virtual funds on our account, and the demo period lasts 14 days after which the demo ceases to be active.

To set up a demo account, complete a short form on the Dukascopy website, and then, within a few minutes, the login and password for logging in will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the form. In the event that the login details do not come to the indicated e-mail address within a few hours of completing the form, please try again using a different e-mail box.

REAL Account

REAL account

Individual clients

  1. Fill out the registration form - REGISTRATION
  2. A prerequisite for receiving access to all Forex Club benefits, including commission discount -20%, is to go to the form from the link above.
  3. Print the documents generated after completing the form.
  4. Sign the documents and put the current date in the designated places.
  5. Prepare a photocopy of your ID card or passport.
  6. Prepare a photocopy of any bill (e.g. water bill, telephone) or a bank statement with the same address as in the registration form, with a date not older than 3 months - for accounts with a deposit below 15 000 EUR this document is not needed.
  7. For accounts Instant to 15 000 EUR send an identity document in the form of scans via the website HERE.
  8. For Standard accounts above 15 000 EUR send the complete set of documents by post or courier to the following address:
    Dukascopy Europe IBS AS
    Lacplesa iela 20a-1
    LV-1011 Riga
  9. Send your UIN number to the address rejestracje@forexclub.pl in order to verify the correctness of registration. UIN consists of letters and numbers - e.g. 2Q7UMND9XM - you will receive it in the email after completing the form. 
  10. After receiving and verifying the documents by Dukascopy, you will receive data for the deposit transfer via e-mail.
  11. After posting the payment via e-mail, a login and a temporary password will be sent, which should be changed to your own. The security PIN for logging in will be sent by SMS.

Institutional clients

If you want to open a company account, please CONTACT.

Risk Information

Investments in OTC market instruments, including exchange differences (CFDs), due to the use of the leverage mechanism, entail the possibility of incurring losses equal to the value of the deposit. It is not possible to make a profit on transactions on OTC instruments, including currency exchange contracts (CFDs) without risking a loss, therefore contracts for exchange differences (CFDs) may not be suitable for all investors.

account types

account types

Dukascopy offers several types of bills that depend on the deposit paid. The commission policy, spreads and order execution methods are identical. The account can be opened in one of the currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, HKD, HUF, ILS, JPY, MXN, NOK, NZD, RON, RUB, CNH, SEK, SGD, TRY, XAU, ZAR.

Account type Min. Deposit
Instant USD 100 (max. EUR 7500)
Standard 100 USD
Corporate 20 000 USD
common 2 000 USD
API 100 000 USD

All types of accounts are accounts operating in the ECN model.

Commission policy

Commission policy

The following tables and explanations regarding the methods and rates of charging are presented.

An extensive commission policy depends on:

  • deposit paid (table 1),
  • the amount of funds on the account (table 2),
  • platforms (other rates for MetaTrader 4).


By opening a real account with Dukascopy Europe from the level of the Forex Club websiteyou will receive automatically 20% reduced commission for the first month from the date of activation of the account.

All commission amounts are expressed in USD for 1 lot (100 000) USD turnover. To get the value expressed in percent, just divide the commission by the value of the transaction, e.g.

15 USD for 1 million USD = 0,0015%

The commission is charged separately for each transaction (for opening and closing). If you have an account in a different currency, these values ​​are converted at the current market rate into the account's deposit currency. To calculate your commission in advance, you can use the Forex calculator.


TABLE 1 - Deposit paid

* Net deposit in USD Commission in USD for 1 flight USD (per page)
Standard commission
Currencies MetalsCFD
<5 3,5 5,25
≥ 5 000 3,3 4,95
≥ 10 000 3,0 4,5
≥ 25 000 2,5 3,75
≥ 50 000 1,8 2,7
≥ 250 000 1,6 2,4
≥ 500 000 1,5 2,25
≥ 1 000 000 1,4 2,1
≥ 5 000 000 1,2 1,8
≥ 10 000 000 1,0 1,5

* Net deposit - the sum of all deposits reduced by the sum of all withdrawals expressed in the equivalent of USD.

TABLE 2 - Funds on the account

*Capital in USD Commission in USD for 1 flight USD (per page)
Standard commission
Currencies MetalsCFD
<5 3,5 5,25
≥ 5 000 3,3 4,95
≥ 10 000 3,0 4,5
≥ 25 000 2,5 3,75
≥ 50 000 1,8 2,7
≥ 250 000 1,6 2,4
≥ 500 000 1,5 2,25
≥ 1 000 000 1,4 2,1
≥ 5 000 000 1,2 1,8
≥ 10 000 000 1,0 1,5

* Equity - the value of funds on the client's account estimated as the USD equivalent at the billing hour.

Additional info

  1. If Net deposit i Capital point to different commission rates, Dukascopy always applies lowest rate.
  2. In a situation where the trader has several bills real Net deposit i Capital are accumulated to determine one rate commission on turnover for all deposit accounts.
  3. The commission on turnover is set every day for each billing hour. The defined rate will be applied on the next trading day.
  4. Fees on single CFD shares trading are 0.1% rotated volume and do not depend on Net deposit and/ or capital. The minimum commission for one transaction is 4 EUR.
  5. Commission values ​​are converted to the base currency of the trader's account at the time of execution at the current Dukascopy spot exchange rate adjusted for a fee of 0,1%.
  6. In the swap-free accounts an additional commission is added in the amount 0,5 USD 1 flight USD and currency trading 0,75 USD for 1 USD flight with metal trade.

Example commission calculations

The base currency of the customer account USD
Deposit paid 50 000 USD
Capital on the account in USD 48 000 USD
The generated rotation in the last 30 days 6 million USD
The amount of commission due to the deposit paid 1,8 USD
The amount of commission due to the capital on the account 2,5 USD
The amount of commission due to the generated turnover 3,0 USD
Applied commission amount: 18 USD

Another transaction concluded: Long position USD / CHF 200 000
Commission: 0.2 million x 18 USD = 3.6 USD

The base currency of the customer account EUR
Deposit paid 5 000 USD
Capital on the account in USD 26 500 USD
The generated rotation in the last 30 days 5 million USD
The amount of commission due to the deposit paid 3,3 USD
The amount of commission due to the capital on the account 2,5 USD
The amount of commission due to the generated turnover 3,3 USD
Applied commission amount: 2,5 USD

Another transaction concluded: Long position EUR / USD 100 000
The EUR / USD exchange rate at the moment: 1.3650
Commission: 0.1 million x 1.3650 x 25 = 3.41 EUR

MetaTrader 4

For accounts under MetaTrader 4 there is a different commission policy in the table below.

The net deposit or balance of the account
(equivalent in USD)
(equivalent in USD)
Commission in USD for 1 flight (per page)
Currencies XAUUSD
<5 <5 million 4,5 6,25
≥ 5 000 ≥ 5 million 4,3 5,95
≥ 10 000 ≥ 10 million 4 5,5
≥ 25 000 ≥ 25 million 3,5 4,75
≥ 50 000 ≥ 50 million 2,8 3,7
≥ 250 000 ≥ 250 million 2,6 3,4
≥ 500 000 ≥ 500 million 2,5 3,25
≥ 1 000 000 ≥ 1 billion 2,4 3,1
≥ 5 000 000 ≥ 2 billions 2,2 2,8
≥ 10 000 000 ≥ 4 billions 2 2,5


Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals

Dukascopy offers its clients several methods by which you can fund your investment account:

  • Bank transfer,
  • credit card (possibly debit or ekarta),
  • Skrill/Neteller
  • Bitcoin (for accounts created as a cryptocurrency account),
  • Dukascopy payments.

Bank transfer

Payment of funds

Based on the transfer instructions provided by the broker, you must make a payment at a bank branch or via an online order. The broker gives a month of time for the first payment. Dukascopy Europe offers transfers to mBank in Poland using a domestic transfer. The time of booking the payment is up to 1 business day from the moment of the transfer. For SWIFT / SEPA foreign transfers, it is 2-5 business days. The cost of the transfer results from the client's bank price list.


Disbursement of funds

Payments can be made in the customer panel. Within one business day, the payment order will be processed and the funds will disappear from the investment account. The payout time, similarly to the payment, is from 1 to 5 business days. In the case of accounts in PLN, it is one business day.

Credit card

In order to fund the account using this method, the card must be able to make electronic, non-cash transactions and have limits set for these transactions. Accepted cards are:

  • Visa credit
  • MasterCard credit,
  • Visa Electron debit card,
  • Maestro debit card.

The time of posting such a transaction takes up to 1 business day. Dukascopy does not charge any fees for paying with the card, but it also does not cover them. The commission is charged by the transaction broker and it amounts to 1,2-2,3% of the transaction amount depending on the selected currency (1,5% for PLN, 1,2% for EUR). The commission will be charged on the specified transaction amount. Payments from a card belonging to a person other than the owner of the Dukascopy account are not accepted.

This method only offers deposits. The funds should be paid by bank transfer.

limits: For security reasons, card transactions have limits on a single transaction and depend on the currency chosen.
5000 USD / EUR 4000 / GBP 3500 / CHF 5000 / CAD 5000 / PLN 17000

Dukascopy payments

Dukascopy Payments is an innovative system integrated with our investment account with our broker. Thanks to Dukascopy Payments, we have the opportunity to obtain a virtual or debit card, with the help of which, after having been topped up in the Customer Panel, you can pay for purchases online or in stores. In addition, the Payments service allows currency exchange at favorable rates.

At present, there are no cards offered in PLN currency.

Financial instruments

Financial instruments

Dukascopy offers trading on over 700 instruments, including CFDs on currencies, shares, commodities, stock indices, cryptocurrencies, bonds and ETFs. Spreads are starting from 0.0 pips - their value results from the current liquidity available on the market. Dukascopy makes every effort to offer its clients the lowest possible spreads.

Type of instrument Number of instruments
Currency pairs 60
Precious metals 2
Stock indices 19
ETFs approx. 40
treasuries 3
Projects approx. 600
Commodities 11
Cryptocurrencies 3

Swaps are accrued when you hold the position for the next day by 23: 00 time GMT + 1. To calculate the current values ​​of swaps for a given transaction and account parameters, you can use the Dukascopy calculator.



Dukascopy offers four stationary platforms, including Web versions, three mobile applications, and the option of using external platforms, as well as a bridge transferring commands to other platforms.


Dukascopy's proprietary platform, rich in features and capabilities. Designed for both beginners and more advanced traders. The multitude of tools allows for multi-level, advanced technical analysis and the use of custom solutions (machines, own indicators, backtester). It also has extensive options for personalizing the appearance and settings, and is equipped with tools that recognize formations on the chart. The platform is available in Polish.

Main features of JForex 3:

  • Automatic and manual trade,
  • 250 technical analysis indicators,
  • News and marcoeconomic calendar,
  • Automatic strategies run on the broker server side,
  • Historical tester,
  • Available Renko, Range bars, Point Figure and Line break charts,
  • Multi-language support
  • Windows, Mac and Linux support,
  • Java version available (latest Java version required) and installation version.

jforex dukascopy

WEB platform

The Web platform is a solution that allows transactions to be concluded from a web browser. The main advantages are quick access to the account without the need to download additional software, low hardware requirements and interface in many languages, including Polish. It has limited capabilities relative to JForex 3. One of the most recent browsers is required: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.

MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 platform is one of the most popular programs for performing analyzes and concluding transactions on the FOREX market. Its main advantages are intuitiveness, support of many charts, profiles and templates, a very large number of technical analysis tools, multilingual interface, own automated strategies (Expert Advisors) scripts and indicators, and many more.

The offer for MetaTrader differs in some respects from the standard Dukascopy offer. Others are, among others commission rates. Details are described in Commission Policy.

mt4 forex ducascopy

The main elements of the offer:

  • Accounts kept in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and PLN,
  • Access to a limited number of instruments,
  • Available microlights,
  • Margin Call = 100%, Stop-Out = 50%,
  • "Close by" function inactive,
  • Possible hedging and using EA,
  • Trailing stop inactive (will be added later).

Differences in other mechanisms:

  1. In the event of the order being rejected (e.g. due to lack of liquidity, non-market price or exceeding the maximum exposure level) MT4 will return a message [Trading is disabled].
  2. There may be differences in the balance on the MT4 platform and on-line reports and the balance at the end of the day. The broker recommends careful monitoring of compliance and differences with respect to these reports.
  3. The mechanism set in the client's panel Stop Loss Level does not work for MT4 accounts.
  4. Automatic reduction of leverage on weekends does not occur on MT4. In order to limit the risk, customers are forced to reduce the account exposure themselves.
  5. MT4 accounts operate under other servers, which at the same time means that other logins and access passwords are valid for them (both for DEMO and LIVE).

Mobile platforms

iOS Trader

Application designed for mobile devices of the iPhone type. The platform gives access to the live ECN market, where we can conclude transactions on our real account in Dukascopy (the connection to the server is specially secured). Market reports are available here, as well as options such as immediate execution of orders, pending orders, OCO and others. In addition, we have a preview of live charts and quotes, market news, economic calendar, Dukascopy TV and other useful tools.

Android Trader

A platform designed for mobile devices with the Android operating system. The program gives access to our account, trading options, real-time currency pair quotes, charts with basic technical analysis tools and a built-in calendar, market news and Dukascopy TV.

Comparison of Dukascopy platforms

Features JForex 3 iOS Web design Android
Slip counter YES YES YES YES
Bid / Offer orders YES YES YES YES
AT tools YES YES** YES** YES**
News and calendar YES YES YES YES
Automatic trading YES NEVER NEVER NEVER
Trailing Step orders YES YES YES* YES
One-click mode YES YES YES YES
Individual settings YES NEVER YES YES
  1. * Only on the client's side
  2. ** Only basic functionality
  3. *** Not supported by Dukascopy

Custom platforms

Dukascopy provides a solution that allows trading through third-party trading platforms, such as MultiCharts and ProTrader. Full integration at the level of transaction handling as well as quotes from Dukascopy and charts that will be based on them allows for complete isolation from the broker platforms if the trader has only such a need.


The MultiCharts platform is an excellent tool enabling placing orders directly on the Forex market without intermediation of additional bridges provided by third parties. With its use we get access to the stock exchange LMAX with features that we won't find, e.g. on the popular MT4.

Advantages of the MultiCharts platform:

  • direct access to the LMAX exchange,
  • insight into the depth of the market,
  • trading from the charts,
  • advanced and extensive options for displaying price charts,
  • Supported orders: Stop, Limit, One-Cancels-Other (OCO), Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Market, Take Profit.
  • automatic trading (TradeStation and EasyLanguage), supported languages ​​C # and VB.NET,
  • backtester and strategy optimizer,
  • market scanner (instruments ranking and filtering options).

MultiCharts software is available in two versions:

  • standard
  • .NET version.

MultiCharts.Net is intended for people who want to first test the platform in their own trade without buying a license or for beginner investors. It has one limitation compared to the standard version - trading on up to two instruments at the same time.

The MultiCharts platform offers a 30-day trial version, which is free. Continued use involves the purchase of a license.


Visual JForex Strategy Wizard

Visual JForex Visual Strategy Wizard

Visual JForex is the original application of Dukascopy, which gives you the opportunity to create your own automatic strategy in Java without knowing even the basics of this programming language. The strategy creator, by means of intuitive actions consisting in placing blocks of functions and combining them in the right order, allows to create both simple and more complex automata of their own idea. They can be used both as tools only supporting trade (displaying specific information or informing about alarms about a given event), as well as to investing the investor in the process of concluding transactions.


The application is equipped with a module compiling the strategy and a tester, which allows you to check the correctness of its operation from the Visual JForex level. Support for many indicators of technical analysis (all available in the standard on JForex) and templates of various strategies make the work even more simple and the possibilities greater.


SMS notifications

SMS notifications

Dukascopy offers its real customers an innovative service - SMS notifications. Every investor with an active real account has the option of linking his account's SMS services to any mobile number around the world. Thanks to this, you do not have to follow the market situation and the balance of your account throughout the day and, for example, after reaching Take Profit, we will receive a message, we will be notified about reaching any level on the currency pair we are interested in or at the very end of the day we will get a summary with the account balance and the profit or loss achieved .

How to activate the service

sms_11. You must log in to the Customer Panel on the Dukascopy website (upper right corner, Login button)

2. Enter the data to the real account, go to the tab Summary and choose SMS notifications.

3. Go to the bottom of the rules, accept it. Select your country and enter the mobile number to which notifications should come. An activation code will come to the given number, which must be entered on the website.

4. Configure SMS notifications and save settings via Save all settings.


SMS notification options

1. Concerning the conclusion of transactions:

  • activation of TP and SL orders,
  • activation of pending orders,
  • activation of bid / market orders Bid / Offer,
  • opening a Market order.

2. Regarding the account status:

  • end-of-day report on account balance and profit / daily loss (by 23: 00 Polish time),
  • achieving 100% leverage,
  • Margin Cut activation on the invoice,
  • notification about blocking the account (eg due to insufficient funds),
  • posting the deposit,
  • payment execution,
  • reaching the Stop Loss level for a set Equity (option available in the Customer Panel).

3. Regarding the market situation:

  • access to the support / resistance course (determined on the basis of the analysis provided by the broker),
  • price setting high / low,
  • reaching the intraday level,
  • reaching the level of "figure",
  • notification of sudden market traffic.

4. Notification about exceeding a given level on a selected currency pair.


The first 20 of SMSs is free every month. After using the limit of free text messages, you must log in again to the Customer Panel and confirm that you agree to the payment for this service. Next SMSs cost 0,07 EUR per item, regardless of where in the world. Fees are charged at the end of the day and can be seen in the report Portfolio Statement.


FAQ - Dukascopy

General questions

Yes, it is an ECN broker and each of the offered types of accounts gives access to this technology.
The main differences are:
- less payment required (100 USD in Europe vs. 1000 USD in the Bank),
- possibility to pay by credit / debit card in Europe and on account in Poland.
- European Union regulations (Dukascopy Europe) relative to Swiss regulations (Dukascopy Bank).
No, if the account is active. The first year of running the account is completely released from fees. After the next 182 days of running but not using the account (no transactions) a EUR 20 fee will be charged at Dukascopy Europe. After the next 182 days, the next same fee will be charged. If there is not enough money on the account, the broker reserves the right to close the account. To avoid a fee, simply make any transaction within 182 days and close it immediately.
Yes, but only for accounts with a total deposit of EUR 15. In this case, you can send documents in the form of scans. Above this amount, a set of documents must be sent by post / courier in physical form to the broker's address or faxed, and any individual deficiencies can be sent by e-mail.
The entire procedure, including the deposit payment, until the order can be placed, should close in about 3 business days. In the case of Dukascopy Europe and accounts for 15 000 EUR, the time should be shorter and take 1-2 business days
No. No foreign broker has such an obligation and so does not. Nor does it inform the customer's tax office about the profits or losses achieved. Each investor settles himself on the basis of transactions on the platform for a given year. Forex Club has prepared a fully free program for people who have an account opened through our website, thanks to which such settlement is not a problem - details.


Each platform has a slightly different functionality and appearance. The best solution is to test each of them and check which one suits you best - you can log in to each of the same demo or real account details. In addition to the platforms available as standard, it is possible to combine a Dukascopy account with applications such as MultiCharts.
At Dukascopy, which is an ECN broker, the spread is market-based and results from its current liquidity (volatility and turnover), which means that spreads start with 0 pips. Dukascopy makes every effort to provide clients with the maximum possible liquidity and offer the lowest possible spreads.
The position commission costs can be checked in the tab on the platform JForex -> Reports -> Position report.
The minimum transaction volume is 0.001 million, i.e. 1 units of the base currency, while you can open positions with a non-round volume, e.g. 000 units. It should be borne in mind, however, that the higher the transaction volume, the more likely it is to be carried out without any price slippage. There is no upper limit on the transaction volume.
Of course. There are no prohibitions or restrictions on this matter.
If we do not have an emergency internet connection, we can use the Dukascopy emergency line. You can use it to modify or close the order. The line is open 24 hours a day during market operation. Contact numbers are available on the Dukascopy website.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposit can be made by bank transfer or credit / debit card (only Dukascopy Europe).
Dukascopy Europe has an account with a Polish bank, hence the transfer of funds takes up to one business day, as does the payment by card.
Yes, SEPA transfers are accepted.
No. You can deposit and withdraw deposits only from your bank account or credit / debit card. Transactions from third parties are not accepted.
The cost of payment depends on the price list of our bank. If we do not use a foreign currency account, then the conversion takes place at the exchange rate set by our bank (otherwise there is no currency conversion).
The cost of the withdrawal depends on the deposit currency of the account. Details can be found HERE.
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