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July 4 2019

MQL Practically. Algo Trader cz. I [Programming course]

In today's episode, we will start working on software that will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by algorithmic trading while maintaining maximum control over the course of events. We will focus [...]
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April 12 2019

MQL Practically. Ace of Intelligence, ie notifications on the phone [Programming Course]

Welcome back to part IV of our hands-on programming course. Today we will deal with matters of considerable importance, we will create the Ace of Intelligence, which in our absence will deal with intelligence activities focused on [...]
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29 March 2019

MQL Practically. Panic Button, part II [Programming Course]

Welcome to the second part of Panic Button! This week, we'll look again at the code of our panic button. Our task today is to add the most important thing, ie the function of freeing us from the burden [...]
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21 March 2019

MQL Practically. Panic Button, part I [Programming Course]

Welcome to the second episode of "MQL Practically"! In the second part of our course, we will start again with a blank sheet of paper and write a new application step by step. We will get to know the elements that every programmer [...]
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12 March 2019

MQL Practically. Basics and Market Puls [Programming Course]

In the MQL cycle, we will practically give you the knowledge necessary to start working with applications written in MQL 4 for the Meta Trader platform. The programming topic is of course very wide, but the purpose of this cycle is not [...]
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18 Września 2017

Historical data MetaTrader 4 - CSV file import

Very often we face a situation in which our broker on its platform provides a limited range of historical quotations of financial instruments. Wanting to analyze in a very long time or, more often, [...]
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4 May 2017

Expert Advisor and the choice of a Forex broker

In today's article, we will consider the selection of a broker for trading with the help of Expert Advisors (EA), that is, automated strategies that are designed to take (but only seemingly) a trader in making decisions to buy / sell [...]
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April 6 2017

Forex Service - 20% discount on programming products and services

Forex-Service is a portal specializing in creating software and tools of all kinds for Forex traders. In addition to ready-made solutions available in the on-line store, the company offers the programming of any [...]
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15 February 2017

Extending chart history on MT4 and tic data from Dukascopy

A common problem for traders is limited access to charting history. This is especially noticeable at lower intervals, where brokers share history typically up to a year back, and this does not necessarily satisfy the [...]
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July 13 2016

Discounts on FxCraft tools and services even up to 20%

Due to long-term cooperation with FxCraft, a company specializing in creating tools for traders, we have prepared a special offer for you. By using a special rebate code, everyone can get from 10% to 20% [...]
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