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23 May 2024

“Investing Masters” – Learn investing from practitioners at a free online conference

Education is the basis for effective investing. But how to find sources worthy of interest? In this case, it is worth paying attention to comments from capital market stars. This is why a new conference [...]
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9 May 2024

Cambodia: a poor country with investment potential

Cambodia is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. There are many factors supporting economic growth. These include a young population and favorable geographical location. Thanks to stable [...]
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2 May 2024

How does politics affect the Forex market and currency valuations?

Forex is a global market where individuals, financial institutions, organizations, businesses and governments from all corners of the world exchange currencies. The daily trading volume on the forex market exceeds according to recent [...]
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April 30 2024

Option warrants – is it worth using an option substitute?

Recently, option warrants for selected indices (WIG 20, mWIG40, DAX) and some shares (including PKO, Pekao, KGHM, Orlen, Pepco, Allegro) debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The instrument in question is not very widely known [...]
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April 26 2024

Forex Club – Tax 9 – Settle tax on a foreign broker [Download the Application]

This is the next version of our flagship application - Forex Club - Tax. Version 9 is not a revolution but an evolution that allows for even more efficient settlement of forex tax on transactions made on accounts [...]
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April 26 2024

How can a young company survive in the valley of death?

In an earlier text, we mentioned the valley of death curve, which graphically represents a difficult period in the life of most start-ups. The statistics are inexorable. According to data from Lending Tree & US Small Business [...]
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April 25 2024

The valley of death curve – what is it and what does it depend on?

Most startup founders believe that their company will quickly reach the scale needed to be profitable. Unfortunately, the market is competitive, which means that the assumed margins or the rate of revenue growth are often [...]
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April 24 2024

Izabela Górecka – “Success on the market depends not only on knowledge, but also on emotional stability” [Interview]

Practice makes perfect. But is this really always the case? Can anyone become a trader? We can easily find statements on the Internet and in literature that success in investing depends (and here, depending on the source) from 50% to [...]
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April 9 2024

WeWork – the anatomy of the collapse of a company valued at $47 billion [WeWork, part II]

In the first part, we described the story of Adam Neumann and the beginnings of WeWork. However, it is worth tracing the fall of this great company. It was spectacular. With a capitalization of approximately $47 billion, the company [...]
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April 4 2024

Adam Neumann – the man who screwed up Softbank [WeWork, part AND]

Fast growth, huge capital for growth, famous personalities from the world of finance "on board". All these factors seem to create the perfect environment to create a great company that can dominate its industry. [...]