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Forex mobile platforms - List and review

The era of smartphones and fast mobile internet means that the Forex mobile platforms are dynamically gaining popularity. It is true that in our country this growth is not so noticeable, but in Asian and Western European countries it can amaze us how many traders trade only with the use of a phone or tablet. We have prepared for you a review of the most popular trading platforms and a summary of the most popular features (table on page 4). We used six platforms for the fork: MetaTrader 4 Mobile, cTrader Mobile, xStation Mobile, SWFX Trader, CMC Markets Mobile and Trading 212 Mobile.

The tests were carried out on an iPhone 6s 64 GB with iOS in the 10.1.1 version

MetaTrader 4 Mobile

mt4 mobile mobile forex platforms

Quotations on MT4 Mobile

It's fair to say that MT4 is the king of platforms Forex . It is the most popular application, and therefore is often treated as a benchmark for everything else. But to the point. MetaTrader 4 in the mobile version does not impress with anything but it also does not irritate with anything special. We will not find any innovations or unnecessary "goodies" in it. The platform works fine, both in terms of speed and stability. Basing on it on a daily basis, I never got to hang or close on its own.

All functions are intuitively arranged, and the size of the buttons allows for efficient operation of charts and positions. MT4 Mobile allows for a minimal personalization of the list of quotes and chart settings. Standard indicators known from the stationary version are available, but the big plus is adding one indicator in the window of the other. The indicators themselves can be removed from the chart very quickly - just press and hold your finger on the chart and then tap X. The same is with the plotted objects. Another plus for the interface in many languages, including Polish. Minuses? No calendar or other useful widgets - MT4 Mobile offers the necessary minimum, but it must be admitted that it does it well.

forex mobile platforms

Chart in the horizontal orientation.

cTrader Mobile

forex ctrader mobile platforms

Quotations for cTrader Mobile

In my opinion, the biggest competitor of MT4. In the desktop version, the platform is full of innovations that are missing from the MetaQuotes platform. While the desktop version is really extensive and, above all, it works very well, unfortunately the same cannot be said about the Mobile marketer, although a few things are really interesting. Unfortunately, I have repeatedly noticed a problem with logging in to the account. Despite the stored data, logging in could last forever. Fortunately, the situation only occurs with a cellular internet connection (even with a good 4G signal).

There are usually no problems with Wi-Fi, although it also takes longer to charge than competitors. But end of complaints, let's discuss what awaits us once we manage to connect to the server ... 🙂 The platform itself works quite well but when entering the History tab, displaying the content takes a long time - it is probably a matter of slow data downloading from the broker's server - unfortunately, with we wait "from scratch" each time the platform is started up. I have not noticed any other problems with stability and speed.


The window containing orders with defined parameters.

Interface and personalization. You can move around the trader very quickly - by moving your finger sideways, you move to the next tabs, and the icon for opening the trading window is almost all the time on top. At the bottom of the application, we still have a preview of the account balance, used leverage and profit / loss from open positions - this is definitely an advantage. On other mobile platforms, you usually need to switch to a separate tab to check your position balance. Changing the horizontal / vertical orientation works on every tab. There are two color versions, where the Light version looks much better than on a stationary application. Of course, the colors of the charts can also be modified, as well as the basic parameters. Access to the cTrader ID cloud could not be missing - the connection will synchronize e.g. the list of favorite instruments. The platform is available in Polish, although some elements are not translated, as if they were forgotten when updating.

Charts are the weakest link in cTrader Mobile. In vertical orientation, we have a preview of the chart and the panel for concluding orders at market prices. The panel itself takes 1/3 of the screen. You can hide the top menu with one button and stretch the chart to the entire screen, and thus the transaction panel will be applied directly to the displayed candles, and I consider it a fatal solution that completely kills the possibility of conducting any analysis. With horizontal orientation, the tools are immediately available, but the same problem occurs - the panel overlaps the candles and takes up too much space. The inscription "sell" in the transaction panel on the chart does not fit on the button and, as a consequence, we see "Sell" and an arrow signaling a change in the price on that cut word - a disfiguring underdevelopment. The mere handling of pointers or objects is correct. The options also allow you to change the time displayed on the platform - this is what other applications lack.


Chart in the horizontal orientation. Problems with translation.

Trading is intuitive and fast. In the platform settings, you can define the type of volume depending on the group of instruments, the method of concluding transactions and automatically adding SL / TP to each position - a big plus.

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