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Rafał Glinicki – Trading is not a profession for everyone [Interview]

Rafał Glinicki – Trading is not a profession for everyone [Interview]

created Paweł Mosionek19 May 2023

He was the guest of the conversation Rafał Glinicki, a recognizable figure present on the Polish trading scene for nearly two decades. Author of books, educational courses, but above all, a trader with documented results. Currently, he conducts his investments as part of his own account, as well as using an American company for this purpose, in which a group of traders work on joint results. For years, he has been using and promoting the VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) method using real volume. With what consequences? What is Rafał's investment philosophy? What is his approach to trading, risk, what instruments does he trade on and what are his goals? Among other things, we asked him about it during an hour-long interview.

Who is Rafał Glinicki

Glinicki raffiaFounder of VSA TRADER and the Polish edition of Projekt Turtle. Trader, expert in Volume Spread Analysis methodology and practical approach to trading. He was the first to observe and describe the Volume Reversal Formation (WFO), which was protected by the Patent Office in 2015. ANDauthor of the book "Contracts, Commodities, Forex" and co-author of the book "Hunter's Mind", winner of the FXCUFFS 2015 award in the category "Personality of the Year"and a two-time winner of the top ten in the investment competition World Top Investors.

Contributor – an educational service that scans regulated markets in terms of the VSA methodology, using artificial intelligence (AI).

Interviews with traders is a new cycle on the Forex Club portal. During casual talks with representatives of the Polish trading scene, we try to get to know the different angle of view on financial markets. Diverse methods of analysis, investment strategies, diversification and philosophies - everything that makes traders different from each other always has a common denominator in the form of a desire to make a profit. And we try to get the essence of it.

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Paweł Mosionek
An active trader on the Forex market since 2006. Editor of the Forex Nawigator portal and editor-in-chief and co-creator of the website. Speaker at the "Focus on Forex" conference at the Warsaw School of Economics, "NetVision" at the Gdańsk University of Technology and "Financial Intelligence" at the University of Gdańsk. Twice winner of "Junior Trader" - investment game for students organized by DM XTB. Addicted to travel, motorbikes and parachuting.