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The best scalping broker - 2024 List

The best scalping broker - 2024 List

created Forex ClubJuly 1 2023

Scalping is one of the most popular investment styles on Forex market. Therefore, the question very often arises in the trading environment: what is the best scalping broker. In this article, we will explain the basics of this speculation methodology and select the best offers to trade.

What is scalping?

Scalping is generally speaking about making many trades in a short time, which are most often characterized by the implementation of small profits and losses - if someone uses orders Stop Loss and Take Profit, they are usually set no further than a few or several points from the entry level. There is no unified definition of scalping that would specify in numbers the levels of order distance or position duration, but it has been assumed that these are transactions that last from a few seconds to several minutes and rarely bring a loss or profit greater than a dozen or so pips.

Scalping also very often means making tens or even hundreds of trades per day, or in the case of a qualitative approach, it means trading high volumes and carefully selecting entries (we limit the number of positions, increasing the volume to maintain similar profitability in the long term).

What is the most important in scalping?

Due to the fact that we rely on narrow Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and we often enter the position for a very short time, in order to achieve optimal results (apart from the aspects of the strategy itself), we must focus on two elements, and these are:

  • low transaction costs,
  • very good execution of orders.

Why is it so important? It turns out that the right scalping broker is crucial and it can decide whether we will earn or lose.

Concluding 10 transactions per day, this gives us over 200 positions per month. A difference in the spread or commission of 0,2 pips on each position is 40 pips in total, and with a volume of 1.0 lots on EUR/USD, it is as much as $400 in savings. The same with the execution of orders - if we enter the market precisely and very rarely include price slippage (slippage), also here "we gain" Extra money.

A desirable parameter is also the lack of a conflict of interest with the broker, which would allow us to freely make any number of transactions during the day, without any difficulties. The preferred order fulfillment model is ECN or STP.

The best scalping broker

What is the best scalping broker? There are many offers on the market, so it is very difficult to specify the best one. However, we can easily find brokers who have created such trading conditions to satisfy even the most demanding traders, which are undoubtedly scalpers. They stand out from the competition Tickmill UK, IC Trading and Purple Trading.

By registering from the Forex Club website, you will receive an additional commission discount of -10% to -38%. Permanently and without limits.

These brokers have very good opinions among thousands of traders, operate in a conflict-free order execution model (STP/ECN) and offer very low spreads and commissions. All this creates ideal conditions for successful scalping on the most popular assets on the Forex market.

The best scalping broker - 2024 List

tickmill IC-trading purple-trading
Country UK, Cyprus Australia, Mauritius, Cyprus Cyprus
Min. Deposit PLN 100 200$ 100 EUR
The model of order fulfillment STP STP/ECN STP/ECN
Leverage 1:30 1:30 - 1:500 1:30 - 1:500
Platform MT4, MT5 MT4, MT5, cTrader MT4, cTrader
Spread EUR / USD * from 0,0 pips from 0,0 pips from 0,3 pips
DAX spread* 0,4 pips 0,8 pips 0,6 pips
Commission discount
Forex Club
-10% (MT5) -21% up to -38%

*Average spread value

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. From 68% to 89% of retail investor accounts record monetary losses as a result of trading CFDs. Think about whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

Tickmill UK

Group Tickmill was established in 2015 and very quickly won the hearts of traders from around the world. Ultra low spreads and commissions, proven solutions and a transparent offer. This, combined with top-notch customer service, has created ideal trading conditions for even the most demanding traders. Account holders in Tickmill UK through Forex Club they automatically receive a reduced commission of -10% on their RAW MT5 account – details.

IC Trading

IC Trading is one of the largest retail brokers in the world. The company originating from Australia currently has branches in Cyprus and Mauritius. The phenomenon of this broker results from two things: a comprehensive offer and very high quality of global services. IC Trading provides access to the most important instruments and offers very favorable spreads and commissions. Account holders in IC Trading through Forex Club automatically receive a reduced commission by -21% – details.

Purple Trading

Purple Trading obtained a CySEC license to operate in 2015, but it became famous only a few years later. The broker focused primarily on the high quality of services to satisfy the most demanding traders. As a consequence, we trade here in a conflict-free ECN/STP order execution model, with very low spreads, competitive commissions (especially above 5000 EUR deposit) and on two of the most valued platforms - MetaTrader 4 and cTrader. Account holders in Purple Trading through Forex Club automatically receive a reduced commission to -38% – details.

What else to look for with a Forex broker?

Equally important to the trading conditions are other characteristics of the broker, such as licenses, company stability, solvency and positive customer reviews. We will have no use for ultra-low spreads or a brilliant platform if the broker ultimately turns out to be operating illegally and making it difficult for us to pay out the profits earned. Therefore, always choose only proven brokers with an impeccable reputation and regulated by appropriate institutions.

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