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April 26 2024

Forex Club – Tax 9 – Settle tax on a foreign broker [Download the Application]

This is the next version of our flagship application - Forex Club - Tax. Version 9 is not a revolution but an evolution that allows for even more efficient settlement of forex tax on transactions made on accounts [...]
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April 10 2024

Trading View platform – solutions tailored to the needs of traders [Review]

The Trading View platform is a groundbreaking application in the investment world. It brought a great revolution in the industry and gained a lot of supporters. Why did this happen? In short: it's a really good product, with interesting possibilities and [...]
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23 February 2024

How to connect your FP Markets account to the Trading View platform [Guide]

Trading View is an amazing platform that not only allows us to perform advanced market analyzes but also works great as a place for active trading. However, in this article we will not focus on how [...]
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December 7, 2023

The cTrader platform for Mac is now available for download

The cTrader trading platform for Mac has seen the light of day! As of today, traders using Apple computers and trading on the Spotware platform can remove links to the limited web version and start [...]
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November 18 2023

Equity SL TP, i.e. Stop Loss and Take Profit on capital - EA for MT4 and MT5

Equity SL TP for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, i.e. Automatic Stop Loss on Capital, is a free tool intended for popular platforms that allows you to automatically close all open positions after [...]
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15 Września 2023

Automatic SL TP for MetaTrader 5 [EA]

Download a simple EA that will improve your trading - the automatic addition of Stop Loss and Take Profit on MT5 in the blink of an eye will do these basic steps for additional interference in the transaction.
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12 Września 2023

MetaTrader 5 with the ability to make deposits and withdrawals from the platform

On September 8, 2023, MetaQuotes released a new beta version of the MetaTrader 5 platform, marked as 3930. There are several interesting solutions that traders will certainly like.
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July 25 2023 – an intuitive platform for automating trading strategies

Automation in trading has been present for retail traders for years, although the main barrier has always been the same - the need to have programming skills or too complicated tools to create EAs. [...]
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July 21 2023

cTrader Desktop 4.8 with new features not only for developers

Spotware does not rest on its laurels, constantly improving its platform. The latest version of cTrader Desktop 4.8 brings a number of improvements that will please mainly programmers and those users for whom every [...]
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April 28 2023

Settle your transactions in minutes with the 'Forex Club - Podatek 8' application

Another investment year is behind us, a window has also opened for fulfilling the civic obligation - submitting a PIT declaration for 2022. How to do it when we use the services of a foreign broker? How to settle tax [...]
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