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created Paweł MosionekJuly 25 2023

Automation in trading has been present for retail traders for years, although the main barrier has always been the same - the need to have programming skills or too complicated tools to create EAs. Solution? Create a platform that allows a layman to create his own algorithm, but so that he does not have to spend tens of hours learning how to do it. One of the products that have taken up this challenge is the platform Capitalizes (Capitalise.AI). We decided to take a closer look at it.

Automation in trading

Delegating the decision-making process to an algorithm is the dream of many traders. In the minds of some, the vision of launching the machine and only cutting off the coupons with profits is immediately created. In practice, it usually looks less colorful, but it does not mean that you cannot get closer to this dream. Often, the basis is the creation of several different slot machines that diversify our portfolio and operating scheme and their efficient management. Strategies, contrary to appearances, do not have to be complicated and packed with the most sophisticated indicators. Often it is enough to have the right idea, to catch the dependencies, to look at the market in this simple, logical way.

Slot machines not only allow us to get rid of emotions in the form of fear, hesitation or greed when trading. They also give the opportunity to monitor many markets simultaneously 24 hours a day and in a much more effective way. Therefore, it is a trading direction worth considering.

What is is not a new project. The company was founded in 2015 in Israel, but its development has definitely accelerated in recent years with the establishment of cooperation with recognizable brands such as Binance or

What is Capitalise? As the creators themselves write about their product, it is a platform that allows traders with zero technical skills to automate their trades using any text. Sounds good? I am convinced that in the heads of market veterans after reading such a description, there are at least a few names of similar projects that have appeared (and disappeared) on the market over the last decade.

Creating simple automata on the principle of stacking "lego blocks" it's nothing new. Such tools include, for example, Dukascopy (Visual JForex - Strategy Builder). Forex Test, a world-famous developer of trading software, also has its own dedicated product – Easy Forex Builder. But just because something is already on the market doesn't mean it can't be done even better, right? So what makes different from potential competitors?

Key Features

The most important distinguishing feature seems to be the ease of use. Other solutions, although they wanted to advertise with a similar message ("create an automatic strategy, no programming skills required"), still remained quite complicated. Using them required many hours of learning, sometimes through incomplete tutorials, which in turn discouraged the use of a given application. seems to be very intuitive and equipped with features that traders actually use (conditional position closing, multiple tools available, trailing stop loss / take profit, etc.).

Capitalise is also partially integrated with the popular and much loved platform Trading View. We can use the graphs of this application and condition the actions of our strategy through TV alerts. Thanks to cooperation with Binance, the platform can be used in practice on the real crypto market (not CFD).

capitalize trading view charts

What if we already create our strategy? It's time to test it and ... we don't have to move anywhere else. We can perform backtests on the same platform, similarly with simulation on real data. Capitalise also provides us with a number of statistics and the ability to quickly and easily edit strategy parameters.


In brief: everything is fast, simple and fun.

Access to the Capitalize platform is a solution offered above all else Forex brokers i cryptocurrency exchangeswhich can then make them available to their customers. Thanks to this, the correctness of its operation with a given broker, as well as the cost of use, rests with the given company, not the trader (the platform is available to the client for free). This is definitely an advantage. The disadvantage, however, is the fact that for now relatively few institutions offer it, which means that we are doomed to use the services of a specific broker / stock exchange (it is not possible to purchase independent access).

At the time of writing this article, is available on:

  • Interactive Brokers,
  • Fidelity Investments,
  • Binance,
  • pepperstone,
  • FXCM,
  • Eightcap,
  • AvaTrade,
  • ACX Securities,
  • Credit Financier Invest.

However, it can be assumed that with the growing interest in automating solutions on the part of traders, the number of these companies will increase. Just like the number of features available on Capitalise. Fingers crossed!

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