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Current EURUSD rate - real-time chart

The Euro against the Dollar is the most popular currency pair in Forex trading. It is estimated that for 80% of the transaction volume on forex market trading on EURUSD corresponds. EUR / USD has the highest liquidity and the lowest fees due to its great popularity.

In the case of EURUSD, the euro is the base currency and the dollar is the quote currency. The current EUR / USD exchange rate tells us how much USD we can buy for one EUR.  The slang terms for this currency pair are ed, eurodollar or fiber.

Euro - EUR

The euro is a currency introduced in the European Union, instead of national currencies, in 2002. Currently, it is legal tender in 19 countries with 341 million Europeans. Apart from the European Union countries that use the euro, 22 non-EU countries use currencies with a fixed exchange rate against the euro. These are mainly countries in Africa that previously had exchange rates tied to the French franc.

Reserve currency

The euro is the second largest reserve currency in the world after the dollar. The share of the euro in global foreign exchange reserves is 20% in 2020.


The GDP of the European Union in 2019 was $ 18 trillion, and the GDP per capita was $ 35,623.

Import / export

The value of EU exports in 2018 was $ 2,3 trillion. The EU mainly exports to the United States (18%), Great Britain (15%), China (9%), Switzerland (7%) and Russia (4%). The products the EU exports include machinery, car engines, pharmaceuticals and medicines, fuels, planes, plastic, iron, steel, paper, alcoholic beverages and furniture.

The value of EU imports in 2018 amounted to USD 2,3 trillion. The EU imports from China (18%), the United States (12%), Great Britain (10%), Russia (7,5%), Switzerland (5,4%).

US Dollar - USD

The US dollar is the world's main reserve currency. Currently, 60% of the world's reserves are stored in dollars. The US dollar is also the currency most used for international transactions. Most commodities, including crude oil, are traded in dollars.

Until the 70s, the dollar was pegged to the gold rate. Currently, the dollar is fiat currency, that is, having no support in any metal.


The U.S. GDP in 2019 was $ 21 trillion, giving a per capita income of $ 59,000.

Import / export

The value of exports in the United States in 2019 was $ 2,5 trillion. The United States primarily exports airplanes, industrial machinery, semiconductors, medical equipment, oil, and chemicals. The main trading partners of the US are Canada (19%), Mexico (14,8%), China (7,6%), Japan (4,1%), Great Britain (3,3%), Germany (3%).

The value of imports in 2019 was $ 3,1 trillion. The United States primarily imports from China (20%), Canada (14,8%), Mexico (12,5%), Japan (5,7%), Germany (5,3%) and South Korea (3%) . US imports include consumer goods, industrial machinery and equipment, cars and engines.

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