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April 26 2024

Forex Club – Tax 9 – Settle tax on a foreign broker [Download the Application]

This is the next version of our flagship application - Forex Club - Tax. Version 9 is not a revolution but an evolution that allows for even more efficient settlement of forex tax on transactions made on accounts [...]
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26 March 2024

Are you trading with a foreign broker and do not pay tax? IT'S A MISTAKE

Do you use the services of a foreign broker and do not settle your transactions in PIT-38? It's a big mistake that can cost you, and you can pay the price even in... 5 years. And that's even if you've made a loss. About that, [...]
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15 March 2024

Proptrading and taxes – how to settle profits from funded accounts?

Proptrading and taxes, or more questions than answers? Not necessarily. However, this is certainly another proof that legal regulations (especially tax regulations) do not keep up with progress in the financial market. Already a few years ago [...]
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January 11 2024

Tax changes in 2024, but not for all traders

Do you invest in open-end investment funds and specialized open-end investment funds? This important change will apply to you from this tax year. Funds will no longer withhold tax when withdrawing or [...]
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December 29, 2023

The last session in 2023 is underway. Are you holding losing positions? Remember about tax!

Friday, December 29 is the last session in 2023. For many traders, it is a time to sum up their investment results, make plans for the future and set goals for the next year. These are also the last hours that affect [...]
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5 Września 2023

XTB – income from foreign exchanges will be included in PIT-8C

In August, the Head of the National Revenue Administration changed the individual interpretation related to the settlement by XTB clients of income from foreign exchanges achieved in a given tax year. As a result, the settlement process [...]
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April 28 2023

Settle your transactions in minutes with the 'Forex Club - Podatek 8' application

Another investment year is behind us, a window has also opened for fulfilling the civic obligation - submitting a PIT declaration for 2022. How to do it when we use the services of a foreign broker? How to settle tax [...]
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April 30 2022

Settle your transactions. The Forex Club - Tax 8 application is now available!

If you invest with a foreign broker and choose to maintain an account in a foreign currency, you probably face the problem of how to easily convert each transaction from foreign currency to Polish zloty after [...]
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April 22 2022

Tax on investment in XTB - how to handle it? [Dividends and foreign shares]

There is the last week left to settle the tax bill on Forex, CFDs and other equity investments. Practice shows that it is at the last minute that most traders bend over this "sad duty". [...]
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11 March 2021

Cryptocurrency tax - we ask the expert. Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód [Interview]

How to settle the tax on cryptocurrencies? When do we need to do this and when not? We talked about this and more with a specialist in this field - Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód, an attorney and tax advisor specializing [...]