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Settle your transactions in minutes with the 'Forex Club - Podatek 8' application

Settle your transactions in minutes with the 'Forex Club - Podatek 8' application

created Forex ClubApril 28 2023

Another investment year is behind us, a window has also opened for fulfilling the civic obligation - submitting a PIT declaration for 2022. How to do it when we use the services of a foreign broker? How settle forex tax from transactions carried out on accounts held in a foreign currency? Again, our program comes to the rescue 'Forex Club - Tax'.

Independent, manual conversion of each transaction seems to be a daunting task, especially when there are hundreds or even thousands of closed positions in the report from the transaction platform, and each should be converted at the appropriate NBP exchange rate. In response to these challenges for traders, many years ago the Forex Club team created an application that completely solved these problems. The entire operation takes just a few minutes.

Fast and efficient with 'Forex Club - Tax 8'

Program Forex Club - Tax 8 is an application addressed to traders using the services of foreign brokers. With a few simple steps, we can calculate the tax due from transactions carried out on the platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, JForex, and Plus500 (soon also Capital.com).

Forex Club - Tax 8

Features of the full version of the program:

  • platform support MetaTrader 4 / 5, cTrader, JForex, Plus500,
  • converting transactions from foreign currency to PLN at appropriate rates,
  • no limit of calculated transactions,
  • support for OTC transactions,
  • taking into account deposits and withdrawals to the account,
  • taking into account swap rates, balance sheet adjustments and commission paid,
  • possibility to calculate transactions from previous years,
  • version for Windows (soon also iOS and Linux).

How to get access?

Access to the program depends on the user's status.

User type All users Forex Club members Commercial users
Access to the program demo version full full
Price free free PLN 100 (+ VAT)
Transaction limit to be converted 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Broker limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access time restrictions Unlimited life tax year 2022
Device Restrictions Unlimited Unlimited 1 device
How to activate without activation Forum profile activation code

All users

The demo version of the application is available to everyone. In this version, users can test the software for converting up to 5 transactions for free, without the need for any verification.

Forex Club members

Since the portal was created (2008), all offered benefits, including access to the tax application, are completely free of charge for Forex Club members. There is no membership fee or subscription. The only condition is having an active real account at one of the partner brokers, opened via the ForexClub.pl website. The activation procedure for access to all benefits is described in detail In this article.

Affiliate Brokers

Tickmill IC Markets XTB Plus500 IC-trading
eToro Saxo Bank fpmarkets vps logo FxPro Dukascopy Europe

Commercial users

For people who do not want to become members of the Forex Club, an alternative option has been prepared in the form of the possibility of purchasing access to the application for the tax year 2022 in the form of an activation code.

Free Membership

The Forex Club portal has been in existence since 2008. From the very beginning, our goal is to support traders in every matter related to trading. Belonging to the Forex Club does not have any negative consequences - you can only benefit from it.

By joining our club you will receive a number of benefits:

  • reduced commission or preferential spreads - Permanently (!),
  • access to the full version Forex Club Program - Tax,
  • tools Forex Club - Tools for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platform,
  • access to unique courses and educational materials,
  • participation in competitions with investment books,
  • discounts on our partners' products and services (programming, literature, trading tools),
  • and many many more!
If you already have an active Live account with a given broker but has not been opened via ForexClub.pl, write to us and ask about the possibility of joining it in the group Premium - CONTACT

How to use the program?

The version just published, marked with the number 8.5.0, is a version dedicated to the tax year 2022 Forex Club - Tax 8. Users of previous versions (6.0 and later) can use the same login details to activate full access. For new users, an option to activate by code has also been made available.

The installation file comes with a user manual that explains every aspect of the program in detail. In case of problems, please contact us at podatek@forexclub.pl.

Version for the Windows operating system. Linux and iOS version coming soon.


*The operation of the program by Plus500 has not been verified in any way and works independently of it.

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