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When to exit a position and how to minimize losses - Mr Yogi [VIDEO]

When to exit a position and how to minimize losses - Mr Yogi [VIDEO]

created Forex Club14 March 2024

Video recording of the on-line training in the series “Scalping Basics: Putting Your Strategy into Action”. This is the second meeting in a 4-part series of webinars conducted by a trader known as Mr Yogi. Michał Zbróg is an individual investor who successfully practices scalping Forex market for over a decade.

The duration of the webinar is about 1 hour.

Subject: When to exit a position and how to minimize losses

The second meeting is a continuation of the first one, where again the foundation will be the technique of entering positions. We will also focus on how to get out of a position correctly when things start to go wrong. Practical examples of positions in such a scenario will be shown, along with their discussion.

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About the speaker

mr yoga forexMichal Zbrog (MrYogi)

He has been dealing with financial markets since 2000. He started with the Stock Exchange, he was also interested in speculating on DAX indices and Dow Jones. In 2007, he began to actively trade on Forex marketby creating its own first short-term system with spectacular results. In its methodology, it uses technical analysis and the observation of price behavior (trading without indicators, Price Action). He has trained over 500 traders in his own investment technique. A specialist in the psychology of trading on capital markets.

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