Psychology of Trading
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Psychology of Trading
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April 24 2024

Izabela Górecka – “Success on the market depends not only on knowledge, but also on emotional stability” [Interview]

Practice makes perfect. But is this really always the case? Can anyone become a trader? We can easily find statements on the Internet and in literature that success in investing depends (and here, depending on the source) from 50% to [...]
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29 March 2024

What is Bounded Rationality and what impact does it have on investments?

Bounded rationality is a term that is most often used in economics, but it can also be translated to other fields. In today's article we will explain how this phenomenon [...]
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1 February 2023

FOMO - What is the fear of missing out and how to deal with it

Everyone is exposed to strong emotions. Many of them have a large impact on investment decisions. A very popular term has appeared in psychology: FOMO. It is short for fear of [...]
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June 10 2021

Mourinho's methods - a new educational course [Psychology]

José Mourinho - one of the most successful managers and global brand ambassador of XTB shares his strategy and approach in the new XTB course for investors.
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5 May 2020

How to deal with a bad run in trading?

Sooner or later each of us touches the moment when we begin to wonder if trading forex is even for us. Such reflection usually occurs after a series of losses and frustrating attempts to quickly recover [...]
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April 29 2020

Trade in opposition to the crowd - a way to make profits in the long run

We all ask ourselves how to develop certain habits and a certain way of looking at the market, thanks to which we will be able to achieve regular and repeatable profits in a long period of time. One thing is for sure - [...]
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November 26 2019

Confidence in trading - how to develop it?

"Profitable trading is to be easy and not generate much stress" - we can often come across such a theory. However, theory and practice are two different worlds and I know that many traders are often in a state when [...]
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Situations in which it is better to give up trading [Forex]

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons that many traders have a problem with achieving regular profits on the market is the desire to constantly "be in the market". There is a mistaken belief that this is the only way to earn money regularly. [...]
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30 Września 2019

7 the most popular trading myths

There are many wrong concepts and assumptions about trading. Myths are created by both investors and public opinion. Contact with one of them especially for beginner speculators can be [...]
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April 18 2019

A series of trading losses - How to deal with it?

Loss in trading is undoubtedly the worst thing for many traders. We do not train for it, we gain experience, we educate ourselves to "give back" our hard-earned money to the market. It is worth noting, [...]