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20 May 2024

Trader of the Month closed over 1600 positions in February 2024 [Forex Competition]

Is it possible to complete over 1600 items in the shortest month of the year? As it turns out, absolutely. What's more, with such high activity, Mohammad earned over $75, starting with just $1700. This [...]
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April 15 2024

XTB increases the interest rate on free funds in PLN to 6%

Just a few months ago, the XTB broker announced the addition of interest on free funds in the investment account to its offer. Now there is another new feature that makes this offer more attractive. Current [...]
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6 March 2024

Trader of the Month earned 75 thousand. USD in January 2024 [Forex Contest]

About 100 trades were enough for a trader from Saudi Arabia to earn $75 in the first month of 2024. Consistency in strategy implementation, stable capital growth and only four loss-making [...]
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14 February 2024

Win the book "Index Investing. Financial instruments of the ETN and ETC type [COMPETISE]

The profession of a trader, even if it is only an additional activity, involves constant learning and expanding one's knowledge. Financial markets offer a spectacular range of opportunities that are constantly expanding. And these are [...]
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2 February 2024

Trader of the Month closed over 1000 positions and 116 trades in December. USD Profit [Forex Competition]

These numbers are really impressive. December - a month that traders associate with market stagnation, boredom and falling spreads - turned out to be an ideal time for trading in Mohammed's case. In the last month of 2023 [...]
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January 12 2024

Trader of the Month earned PLN 42. USD in November [Forex Competition]

Do you have to make multiple trades to make money? NO. But you can! A trader named Chunping executed over 400 positions that brought him a total of $42 in profit in November 2023. He focused mainly on [...]
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January 8 2024

Trader of the Month closed almost 2000 trades in October [Forex Competition]

He earned over $93 and closed nearly 2000 positions. All this in just a month! Sheng-yuan, a trader from Taiwan, showed the amazing capabilities of his slot machine (EA) by achieving such a spectacular result. IN [...]
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November 24 2023

Black Friday for traders. Why does the investment industry tempt us?

Black Friday, the national holiday of promotion hunters. On the last Friday of November (and increasingly often even in the last two weeks of November), companies from virtually every industry tempt us with promotions on their services and products. If [...]
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November 22 2023

Win the book "Supply and Demand Strategy in Trading" [Competition]

Smart Money Concept (SMC) is a trading concept that focuses primarily on the bare chart and liquidity and trend analysis. Relatively simple, yet extremely effective. However, the key is practice and [...]
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November 21 2023

Trader of the Month earned PLN 80 in September. USD [Forex Competition]

Nearly $80 profit in a month, trading only on Eurodollars, always with a position of 5.0 lots - sounds unusual! A trader from China named Yong achieved a spectacular feat by displaying incredible [...]
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