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XTB increases the interest rate on free funds in PLN to 6%

XTB increases the interest rate on free funds in PLN to 6%

created Forex ClubApril 15 2024

Just a few months ago XTB broker announced that interest on free funds in the investment account has been added to the offer. Now there is another new feature that makes this offer more attractive. Current interest rate on free cash for accounts kept in PLN is 6% per annum.

Interest rates up

Although some of the main stock indices have begun timid attempts to correct the recent increases, the valuation of many of them still remains several to several dozen percent higher than a year ago. It is therefore hardly surprising that even investors such as Warren Buffett, who announced that the financial conglomerate he runs Berkshire Hathaway had nearly USD 2023 billion in free funds at the end of 168, they are waiting for a deeper market correction.

W XTB While waiting for the perfect investment opportunity, you earn interest on your free funds - now up to 6% annually in the case of accounts denominated in PLN. The rules of the offer are as simple and understandable as the XTB investment application. Interest on uninvested funds is accrued daily and paid to customer accounts at the beginning of the following month. The interest rate on free funds applies to both existing and new customers. In both cases, customers do not have to take additional actions to take part in the offer - there is also no minimum or maximum amount of free funds that can be subject to interest.

Encouragement for new investors

The interest rate on free funds on accounts at XTB may change, but the most important distinction remains the investor's experience on the global investment platform. For the first 90 days from the conclusion of the contract, customers can count on up to 6% per annum. The exact interest rates are described in the table below:

interest rate xtb rate

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