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Futures and Options - Download the free ebook from Forex Club!

Futures and Options - Download the free ebook from Forex Club!

created Forex Club22 Września 2023

Has become! The first full-size ebook by Forex Club has seen the light of day. And it's available for free! Futures and Options - An introduction to investing in regulated markets is a position for every trader who wants to gain comprehensive knowledge about the title instruments. On over 120 pages, we have included the most important aspects that will allow you to start your adventure with futures and options efficiently.

Futures and options – is it worth it?

Derivatives are perceived as niche instruments in the Polish investment world. The low liquidity on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on these instruments is not conducive to their popularization. But does that mean they're not worth paying attention to? On the contrary! Both futures and options provide a whole spectrum of possibilities, allow you to use unique strategies that are not available to traders on the OTC market and CFDs. These are powerful tools that you can implement in your trading.

What will you learn from our ebook

ebook futures and optionsEbook Futures and options is over 120 pages of high-quality knowledge about these instruments. You will learn from it, among others:

  • What are futures and options contracts and how are they structured,
  • How leverage works on derivatives,
  • Where can you trade these instruments,
  • What are the useful tools for investing in regulated markets,
  • What is contango, backwardation, LOP and Greek coefficients,
  • What are the most popular futures and options trading strategies.

Download the ebook absolutely for free!

At Forex Club, from the very beginning, our mission was to educate traders and support them in every possible way. Preferential commissions, trading tools and more, free webinars and a huge database of articles - these are just some of our ideas. Now it's time for a full-length e-book on investing in regulated markets. We believe it will be helpful to you!

To receive the ebook, all you have to do is follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Go to the dedicated page -
  2. Fill out the short form.
  3. You will receive a link to download the PDF file to your e-mail address.

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The publishing partner is Tickmill Group, a broker who cares about traders' education.

About the Author

Aleksander Borzęcki - futures and options ebook Aleksander Borzecki – A proponent of value investing. The first transactions were already concluded in 2010. Editor of Forex Club since 2020. For several years he worked in an investment fund as an Investment Analyst. He believes that investing should not be guided by emotions, but by common sense. In his opinion, futures and options contracts are a great instrument for both speculators and long-term investors. Passionate about football and financial markets.

Trading financial products using leverage involves a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Losses may exceed your initial investment. Make sure you fully understand the risks and manage them accordingly. The content of this e-book is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation. Views, information or opinions belong solely to the author of this publication and not to the Tickmill Group. Past performance is not a guarantee of similar performance in the future.

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