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24 May 2024

SEC approves Ethereum ETFs, 8 funds in play

Another important milestone for the cryptocurrency market is behind us. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the creation of such funds, although it may take a while before they are finally listed on the stock exchange [...]
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21 May 2024

CME plans to launch bitcoin trading on the spot market

After weaker-than-expected inflation data from the US, we saw a positive week for cryptocurrency markets. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market increased by 6%. by approximately $130 billion. Total [...]
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17 May 2024

Bitcoin has the best week since the beginning of March. The price exceeds 66 thousand. USD

We could observe the first more significant turn in bitcoin prices at the beginning of May, when the price rose from around 56. USD. Today, two weeks later, the bitcoin price is 10. USD [...]
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14 May 2024

Genesis Digital Assets will set up a BTC mining center in Argentina

Genesis Digital Assets (GDA), one of the world's largest bitcoin mining operations, has partnered with YPF Luz, a subsidiary of Argentine state-owned energy company YPF, to create a new [...]
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14 May 2024

Polymesh (POLYX) – a cryptocurrency that tripled in price in two months

Blockchain that focuses on improving the security token industry has a chance of success? Using its POLYX utility token, it rewards and punishes entities in the blockchain ecosystem. Let's check if [...]
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13 May 2024

Web3 wallet: what it is and how it works in the world of cryptocurrencies and DeFi

In the era of digitalization of finance, the Web3 wallet has become a key tool for anyone who wants to explore the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi). These advanced tools not only allow you to store [...]
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8 May 2024

Mantra (OM) – this cryptocurrency increased in price 2024 times in 20

At first, calmly, sluggishly like a turtle... but when it shoots up, the one who sold at the top can count on huge profits. Is this the end or just the beginning of the Mantra (OM) cryptocurrency rally? Let's see what makes it stand out in a sea of ​​[...]
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7 May 2024

American BTC ETFs (spot) are recording the largest daily outflow of funds in history

As reported by The Block, last Wednesday, U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs experienced their worst-ever net outflows totaling -$563 million. Fidelity's FBTC led to outflows of -191 million [...]
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3 May 2024

Crypto-retirement: We summarize April 2024. Declines despite halving

In April, the long-awaited Bitcoin halving came, i.e. a halving of the rewards received by miners mining subsequent coins. This has always been a breakthrough moment that made BTC, and in its wake, other [...]
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April 30 2024

'Buy Bitcoin' notebook sold for $1,019 million

Cryptocurrency price movements were quite subdued last week as the market began to adjust to the reduced block reward following Bitcoin's recent halving. Bitcoin has retreated slightly and is currently trading [...]
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