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Cryptoretirement: March 2024 is marked by further growth

Cryptoretirement: March 2024 is marked by further growth

created Michał SielskiApril 3 2024

Although Bitcoin (BTC) is resting - hopefully before attacking the next price peaks - Binance Coin (BNB), which was the driving force behind the growth of our cryptocurrency-based retirement portfolio, is still doing well. Thanks to this, our crypto wallet increased its value by another 2024% in March 25,72, and by 178,55% since the beginning of its existence.

The beginning of April is quite a big correction for the valuation of the cryptocurrency market, but March was quite good. Especially for the workhorse of our crypto wallet: Binance Coin (BNB). Another month of growth, ending with a price higher by 35,34% compared to the closing of February, resulted in an increase in the value of the entire portfolio, despite the fact that most of the tokens constituting the "tail" of our portfolio have significantly become cheaper.

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Crypto-retirement rules of the Forex Club Portal:

  • we invest on Binance Stock Market, which is not only the largest in the world, but also - so far - the most stable,
  • every month we allocate an amount of EUR 60 (when we started it was the minimum deposit threshold at Binance),
  • we want to invest approx. half of the funds in Bitcoin, as the "king of cryptocurrencies" and the indisputable flywheel of the entire market, but it is not a permanent rule,
  • in addition to BTC, at the beginning we selected 3 other cryptocurrencies: LINK, ADA and BNB, in which we will invest,
  • if it is possible, we deposit cryptocurrencies on "deposits" in Binance, recently also into the liquidity pool,
  • every few months we decide whether the portfolio will include other cryptocurrencies, recently CRV, SAND, AXS, APE and GMT and BSW, we have completed investments in LINK and SOL,
  • the investment horizon is at least 10 years.


A month ago we bought Bitcoin (BTC)

We bought Bitcoin a month ago. We still hope that the king of cryptocurrencies has not said his last word yet and will break further price records. Recent weeks have been rather consolidation, so we can expect sharper moves in the near future. As the old rule of all assets goes: the longer the consolidation, the more decisive the price movement when it finally begins.

After the purchase at the turn of February and March, our cryptocurrency retirement portfolio looked like this:


We earned a lot not only from the increase in the BNB price, but also from subsequent Launchpools. The value of new cryptocurrencies that we receive just for staking BNB increasingly exceeds the value of our monthly payments.

The results of our cryptocurrencies in March 2024:

  • Binance Coin (BNB) + 35,24%
  • Bitcoin (BTC) -0,30%
  • Green Metaverse Token (GMT) -5,64%
  • Axie Infinity (AXS) -9,23%
  • Biswap (BSW) -10,21%
  • Curve DAO Token (CRV) -20,30%
  • Cardano (ADA) -22,43%
  • Ape Coin (APE) -22,82%

We bought Binance Coin (BNB)

So this time we buy Binance Coin, taking advantage of the sale at the beginning of April and hoping that it will be ours perpetual motion will continue to generate profits from subsequent Launchpools. We are also considering giving up a few coins whose value is low. CRV, APE and LUNC are currently valued at less than PLN 100 each, so even with spectacular increases, it will not change much. We tend to convert them into BNB to receive even larger Launchpools, which brought a 10% increase in the portfolio value in the first quarter alone.

After buying BNB, our wallet looks like this:


Crypto Retirement: A Summary

Let us remind you: we deposited 50 times of EUR 60 each, i.e. we invested a total of EUR 3. On January 000, 2.04.2024, the account balance was EUR 8. In 356,58 months, our portfolio increased by EUR 49, or 5%.

Portfolio balance after 49 months: 8 356,58 euro (sum of payments: EUR 3000)

Profit in March: + 25,27 %

Profit after 49 months: + 178,55% (+ EUR 5 356,58)

Next summary in a month!

Learn more about selected cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin - all about the "king of cryptocurrencies"
  2. Link - a cryptocurrency that Intel has bet on
  3. ADA - a token created by scientists
  4. BNB - a token from the Binance exchange
  5. SAND - better than Minecraft because on blockchain and NFT
  6. SOL - still the cheapest blockchain platform on the market
  7. CRV - a platform for earning on stablecoins
  8. AXS - the gaming hit of recent years
  9. APE Coin - the cryptocurrency of the most famous NFT
  10. GMT - STEPN application - a new hit on the cryptocurrency market?
  11. BSW - 107% token stacking platform
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