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3 May 2024

Crypto-retirement: We summarize April 2024. Declines despite halving

In April, the long-awaited Bitcoin halving came, i.e. a halving of the rewards received by miners mining subsequent coins. This has always been a breakthrough moment that made BTC, and in its wake, other [...]
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April 3 2024

Cryptoretirement: March 2024 is marked by further growth

Although Bitcoin (BTC) is resting - hopefully before attacking the next price peaks - Binance Coin (BNB) is still doing well, which was the driving force behind the growth of our retirement portfolio, based [...]
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1 March 2024

Crypto-retirement: February 2024 and an ETF-fueled rally

The launched Bitcoin ETFs got off to a flying start, although they had to accelerate for a while. Today, it is estimated that funds buy as much as 10 times more BTC from the market than miners mine. No wonder the price of the king of cryptocurrencies is rising [...]
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1 February 2024

Cryptoretirement: January 2024 is marked by selling facts

Bitcoin ETF approved, but contrary to the expectations of BTC price maximalists, its value did not increase at all. Investors implemented the second most common scenario: they sold facts. The price of all our [...]
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January 2 2024

Crypto-retirement: December 2023 - successful Saint's rally. Nicholas

It was a phenomenal month for our cryptocurrency retirement portfolio. In December 2023, its value increased by as much as 32%, mainly thanks to the rally of the reviving Binance Coin and price increases [...]
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December 1, 2023

Cryptoretirement: November 2023, another good month behind us

Another month of growth on the cryptocurrency market. Our retirement portfolio grew by 2023% in November 8,60, primarily due to double-digit increases in altcoin prices. And despite the fact that above the Binance exchange, where [...]
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November 2 2023

Cryptoretirement: October 2023 under the sign of Bitcoin ETF

Another month of growth on the cryptocurrency market. Our retirement portfolio grew by 2023% in October 7,83, mainly due to large increases in the price of Bitcoin (BTC). They took place after a rumor appeared on the market [...]
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Crypto-retirement: September 2023 – finally in the black

In September, we started to make up for the declines from recent months. Our cryptocurrency-based retirement portfolio increased its value by 6,95%. The good end of the month and the growth of Bitcoin (BTC) and the struggling [...]
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1 Września 2023

Cryptoretirement: August 2023 in red again

August was another month of declines on the cryptocurrency market. BTC did not stay at 30 for long. USD. Now defends level 26. USD, followed traditionally by all altcoins. Most of them have been discounted by [...]
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August 1 2023

Cryptoretirement: holidays with cryptocurrencies, i.e. the cucumber season

In July, Bitcoin, followed by the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, changed slightly in value. Not much was happening on the market, and some experts even started laughing that BTC became the new stablecoin, because its price for a long time [...]
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