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Bybit cryptocurrency exchange – stablecoin staking with APR 100% [REVIEW]

Bybit cryptocurrency exchange – stablecoin staking with APR 100% [REVIEW]

created Michał Sielski21 February 2024

What do you expect from a cryptocurrency exchange? Most often, a transparent navigation panel, security and the ability to multiply your cryptocurrencies. That's exactly what it offers bybit – an exchange where you can start your adventure with cryptocurrencies by making a deposit in Tether (USDT) 100% interest rate per annum (APR).

This is not a joke. This offer is for everyone who creates an account on Bybit. And you can do it literally with one click, e.g. by authorizing your Google account. Although withdrawals will require another level of verification, which requires taking photos of your ID document, a simple click is enough to get started.

100% profit? For 3 days at first

Of course, the offer is subject to several rules. First of all, you can bet on one account maximum 1 thousand USDT, i.e. the equivalent of 1 thousand USD. Moreover, the deposit period is only 3 days, but it can be extended three times. We get interest every day in USDT.

After that, the offer is no longer available. And maybe it's even good, because thanks to this we can discover new earning opportunities offered by the Bybit exchange. And we will do it easily if we have previously used e.g Binance or Coinbase. It's hard to say now who took inspiration from whom, but one thing is certain: every good solution is copied by the competition, thanks to which the market is developing and the navigation panel is transparent and logical. Often, even the order of the tabs is the same. All in all, it's good that no one is trying to stand out because thanks to this, when switching between exchanges, e.g. when we use one for staking and another for speculation with leverage, we can do it quickly and without thinking about what to do next.

Thanks to this, we can quickly find the best offers, and there are plenty of them. The rules are simple and virtually unchanged for years: the less known or newer the cryptocurrency, the higher the interest rate. Currently, you can, for example, stake in the USDT liquidity pool and receive Mavia tokens in return. Interest? 97% per year (+ possible change in the price of the token, which can be sold at any time).

by_staking bybit

USDT staking with rewards in the MAVIA token. Source: Bybit platform

One-click purchase

However, to stake crypto, you first need to buy it. This can be done easily if we operate in e.g. euro, pounds or American dollars, as well as one of many other European currencies. Here again, you just need to pay by card, e.g. via Goggle Pay.

by_purchaseClicking bybit

Buy cryptocurrencies with one click. Source: Bybit platform

The situation is slightly different when we want to deposit Polish zlotys. This is of course also possible, but we will do it with ZEN application. It is similar on most cryptocurrency exchanges. The changes began after Polish banks began to make it difficult to transfer even small amounts directly to Cryptocurrency exchanges, recognizing them as "suspicious". Currently, however, you can still do it, but it requires three more clicks, and the commission is not collected by the bank, but by another foreign company offering payment intermediation. By the way: a brilliant move for Polish banking. I wonder if anyone gave themselves a bonus for this...


Depositing funds to the Bybit exchange using the ZEN intermediary. Source: Bybit platform

Save systematically. And automatically

As on other platforms, Bybit also offers automatic savings. We can set them every week, two weeks, a month, etc. You can even choose the day on which the funds will be transferred to the stock exchange.


Automatic cryptocurrency investing feature. Source: Bybit platform

How it's working? Anyone who can open a bank deposit or set up a standing order can understand it. Because that's what it is in fact standing order. The only difference from the bank one is that we choose a specific cryptocurrency to be purchased for the amount we specify. And then, of course, we can invest it in one of the many products that the cryptocurrency exchange offers.

Regular competitions and paying with crypto for purchases

Bybit also offers new ones all the time konkursy, where you can win prizes. Of course, these are cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, they do not always involve selecting the best investor - e.g. the one with the largest trading balance in a given month. In some of them you can also win the equivalent of several hundred dollars, even if you invest small amounts.


Section of competitions organized by the stock exchange. Source: Bybit platform

Rewards are received for many activities that the Bybit exchange depends on. One of them is a crypto payment card. Thanks to it, we can pay with cryptocurrencies for thousands of products and services. Importantly, we do not have to wait for the physical delivery of "plastic". Immediately after opening, the digital card will be available in the application and we will be able to pay with it by phone or online.

by bybit card

A payment card that allows you to operate in cryptocurrencies. Source: Bybit platform

Options for more advanced users

Bybit's undoubted advantage is also a large offer for those more advanced on the crypto market. Both traders and people looking for more extensive investment offers. The best idea is to combine the possibility of trading with leverage with a tutorial and frequently asked questions in one place. Thanks to this, more people will definitely try their hand at this element and develop. And the stock exchange will earn commissions on transactions, so everyone will win - at least at the beginning.

by_lever futures

Futures and options trading with tutorial. Source: Bybit platform

The extensive statistics of the entire cryptocurrency market are also interesting. Along with a graphical display of the sentiment that currently indicates greed, i.e. a significant advantage of long positions (expecting price increases) over short positions (their holders expect price declines).

We can also find there the most expensive and cheapest cryptocurrencies, but also entire sectors that are currently growing the most dynamically. Thanks to this, we can observe, for example, only cryptocurrencies operating in the recently fashionable AI industry or any other.


Tab with market statistics. Source: Bybit platform

Copy Trading in Bybit

Social trading in the cryptocurrency world is becoming a standard. We recently reviewed for you Copy Trading offered by Binance. It turns out that Bybit also introduced a similar service. But this is an element of the offer that deserves a separate article, and this one will appear soon in Forex Club.

Summary: a good place to start your adventure with cryptocurrencies

To sum up: the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange is definitely a place for those who want to start exploring and maybe investing in a new market. The Polish menu is not only translated automatically (which happens even with rich competitors), so beginners on the cryptocurrency market do not have to guess the meaning of the password. And tutorials and explanations at the bottom of almost every more complicated offer are an idea that others are probably already copying. And that's good, because the more understanding, the better for the entire cryptocurrency market, which still has to deal with being extremely risky and full of fraudsters who are just waiting to take our money. Bybit is definitely doing a good job in this regard.

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