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Economic calendar

Economic calendar

created Forex ClubJune 25 2020

The economic calendar contains information about the most important events that have a significant impact on the behavior of financial markets: economic events from the world, forecasts, statements and the latest readings along with current data. It is the basic tool of every investor, and how important it is, everyone who has had a large exposure to the market at least once during the publication of data has found out. It is worth being aware of which information may be important for our investments and, what is crucial, how to use it skillfully.

The fundamental analysis is largely based on direct or indirect analysis of published macroeconomic data, and these are published practically every day. They affect Rynek forex in different ways.

In the maze of publications, it is important to know which indicators should be followed, as they will most likely affect the situation on the markets, and which of them will have little impact on price changes.

Macroeconomic data

Key indicators and readings to pay attention to:

  • CBA - Gross domestic product. An indicator of economic growth that measures the overall health of the economy.
  • Non Farm Payrolls - number of jobs in the non-agricultural sector. Many traders consider the data published on the first Friday of each month to be the most important. It is part of the data package describing the current state of the labor market in USA.
  • CPI - Consumer Price Index. An indicator that measures the cost of goods and services.
  • CCI - Consumer Confidence Index. These data are published at the end of the month.
  • Unemployment rate - defined as the percentage of the labor force actively seeking work.
  • Industrial production index, which illustrates the dynamics of changes in production, services of entities operating in the industrial, mining and energy sectors.

More about macro indicators in the articles

Economic calendar

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