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Allbright Financial, a dating and overdraft site for your MetaTrader 5 account

Allbright Financial, a dating and overdraft site for your MetaTrader 5 account

created Paweł MosionekJanuary 5 2021

If a nice Asian woman offers you "Profitable" investing in MetaTrader 5, know that something is happening. And it won't be any good. Scammers are getting more and more inventive and trying to diversify theirs "business" about more and more sophisticated ways. Meet one of market news among scammer.

We were contacted by a reader who had been deceived for several months and was finally subjected to an unusual attempt at fraud. What? About it below.

The scheme of operation

mt5 scam

Screenshot uploaded by scammer.

The beginning of the Internet acquaintance took place on one of the popular dating sites. A nice woman from Asia contacts us. The distance shortens quickly, because apparently the girl regularly travels to Poland - after all, her sister married a Pole and lives in Warsaw. A typical conversation over time turns into finance. Exchanging information about investments, opportunities, as well as screenshots of previous movements in a woman's investment account, gives the impression that making a profit is relatively simple and possible for everyone. So the question is: "Would you like to try?"

An additional guarantee of the success of the investment is the alleged relationship of a nice Asian woman with the director of an investment bank, who is her uncle. Access to appropriate knowledge and experience in the selection of investment instruments is to make everyone profit from it. So what can go wrong?

Hit trades on MetaTrader 5

We need a broker to trade. The choice, suggested by the woman herself, fell on Allbright Financial Ltd. - a company that offers trading on CFDs and is allegedly registered in London.

However, we will not find any information about the licenses owned - of course because it does not have any. The website itself, although it contains some errors and differs from "Market standards"does not raise too much doubt. There is a risk warning, there is basic information about the market, a customer panel and, above all, an offer based on a popular platform MetaTrader 5.

Risk? It is apparently not there. Our reader was initially asked to deposit 1000 euros into an investment account. However, when refusing, a proposal appears "Interest-free loan", and our investment account receives capital of $ 5000, which is paid by ... the Asian woman herself. The account is created on our data and marked as Live. It shows a positive balance of $ 5000 and even a leverage of 1: 100. Investments need to start quickly, because my uncle from the bank is planning to retire ...

How to recover funds from a fraudster

MyChargeBack.com is an American company specializing in the recovery of funds extorted by unreliable companies and "scams" pretending to be honest Forex brokers, binary options brokers and cryptocurrency projects. If you've been scammed, there's a good chance that MyChargeBack.com will be able to help you!

The first two profitable trades make the account already have a balance of the amount 8300$. This is a good incentive, and as you know, the appetite grows with eating. It is time for another investment.

At the third position, due to high volatility (according to the charming Asian woman), the entire profit suddenly evaporated, and the account was ... overdraft in the amount of -5000 $which must be settled. Otherwise, the debt will leave a mark on us "International credit rating" and who knows where else. Support "Broker" sent the following information:

"Sir, a debt of US $ 5068 has been detected in your MT account, please repay it in time, so as not to affect your international credit information and other aspects.", "Sir, you need to repay within 15 days so as not to affect your credit information in the international community. "

Interestingly, it was an 8.30 lot transaction on the EUR / AUD pair which in just 3 minutes she was supposed to bring over $ 13 in loss. It is interesting that, according to the transaction rates, the loss was approx. 17.0 pips, which should result in approx. -4000 zlotys (+ possibly commission).

allbright financial mt5 albright financial scam

Screenshots from the potential victim's MT5 Mobile platform.

After this failure, our reader stayed "Redirected" to contact the aforementioned uncle who explains the reasons for the losses to us, in order to make the whole situation credible. The conclusion, however, is more dramatic - you need to settle the overdraft and the original loan of $ 5000.

Everything turns out to be an exceptionally patient and sophisticated attempt to manipulate and trick a novice investor to settle the resulting pseudo-debt. After a short time, contact with an Asian woman unfortunately also breaks off ...

Remember! Always check the licenses and permits of the broker with whom you set up the account. No reputable broker agrees to deposit funds from third parties into your account and does not assist in trading. 

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