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14 May 2024

Polymesh (POLYX) – a cryptocurrency that tripled in price in two months

Blockchain that focuses on improving the security token industry has a chance of success? Using its POLYX utility token, it rewards and punishes entities in the blockchain ecosystem. Let's check if [...]
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8 May 2024

Mantra (OM) – this cryptocurrency increased in price 2024 times in 20

At first, calmly, sluggishly like a turtle... but when it shoots up, the one who sold at the top can count on huge profits. Is this the end or just the beginning of the Mantra (OM) cryptocurrency rally? Let's see what makes it stand out in a sea of ​​[...]
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27 March 2024

Zonda will have its own cryptocurrency. The ZND token is launched

Zonda is a Polish cryptocurrency exchange that launched the ZND platform in December 2023. This is where the ZND token will debut. For now, details about the new cryptocurrency are unknown. The secrets will be [...]
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1 February 2024

Anchored Euro (AEUR) – stablecoin backed in euro

The Anchored Euro (AEUR) cryptocurrency was created in 2022. And since there have been practically no doubts about it so far, it is worth considering whether the stability of digital transactions and the easy transition from tokens to [...]
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January 30 2024

NFP – artificial intelligence and social media token

An artificial intelligence platform designed for web3 developers - that in itself sounds good. If we add the possibility of combining it with social media platforms and the possibility of commercialization, the token [...]
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January 29 2024

Manta: a new Binance token with great hopes for development

Manta is a protocol that connects the main components of infrastructure modules that allow you to integrate web3 projects. Users can do this on the Manta platform by hosting any decentralized applications [...]
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January 17 2024

XAI – a new cryptocurrency for gamers that may be a hit

Exchanging and selling items in games is sometimes difficult, especially since it is not known how to settle it. Blockchain and the XAI token were created precisely so that users do not have to worry about this. They don't even have to know [...]
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January 16 2024

Sleepless AI: a free blockchain and cryptocurrency game for the new age

Sleepless AI (AI) is a fresh token that has just debuted on the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Another project positively assessed by this incubator of the future is a game token that uses technology [...]
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August 9 2023

Flare (FLR) - XRP coming back into favor will cause other cryptocurrencies to grow?

In July, Ripple, the issuer of the XRP token, won a court battle in the US. The SEC has failed to prove that a cryptocurrency is a security, so it does not need to be registered. In a week, the XRP rate increased by almost 100%, and the network [...]
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August 3 2023

WorldCoin (WLD) – Big Opportunity or Big Crypto Market Scam?

On the one hand, visionaries and well-known names in the industry, and on the other, controversial practices involving giving away cryptocurrency in exchange for scanning the retina of your eye. What is WorldCoin, the loudest in recent [...]
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