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Forex Club Tools 2.0 for MetaTrader 4

Forex Club Tools 2.0 for MetaTrader 4

created Janusz EkertSEPTEMBER 1, 2017

Forex Club Tools (FCT) is a set of basic basic tools for every trader. This is our proprietary collection of universal indicators and slots for the MetaTrader 4 platform that makes trading on Forex market it becomes much easier.

Forex Club Tools 2.0 - what's included

The kit includes:

  • Risk Calculator - calculates the value of the flight for the account according to the risk determined on the basis of SL.
  • Pips counter - counts the balance of pips for a given pair, both from history and current transactions.
  • Open Position Manager - EA automatically adds Stop LossTake Profit Trailing Stop and Break Even. The additional one calculates profit / loss after reaching them. The chart displays the Close Long, Close Short and Close All buttons for immediate closing of a given type of position - Novelty!
  • Spread Info - informs about the current, maximum and average spread.
  • Swap Calculator - swap point calculator with information on the value of swaps for purchase and sale.
forex club tools manager position

Open Position Manager

The indicators are accompanied by a detailed instruction manual with the installation method and description of all parameters. The set of tools included in FCT will be gradually expanded.

How to get FCT 2.0

Our tool is completely free and available to all Forex Club members. If you do not have FCT yet or only have the old version, all you have to do is create a profile on Forex Club forum and enter your broker account details necessary for verification.

Access the Member's Panel

Forex Club Tools for MetaTrader 5

At the same time, there is a solution prepared for the younger brother MT4 -> MT5. The composition of the tools and the way they work are identical.

Forex Club Tools for MT5

We are waiting for your suggestions!

Do you think there is something missing in FCT or something could work better? Help us improve the Toolkit by submitting your feedback!


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Janusz Ekert
Private investor with 15 years of experience in the investment market, specialist in the currency market. He puts the effectiveness of fundamental and technical analysis above all, focusing on simplicity and consistency. President of OnTrade Sp. z o. o., owner of the Forex Club brand. Snooker enthusiast.