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Dukascopy introduces new instruments to the offer
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Dukascopy introduces new instruments to the offer

created Paweł MosionekJune 5 2017

With the beginning of June Dukascopy announced the introduction of two new instruments to its offer of live accounts - natural gas and copper. The new goods are available for trading at Dukascopy Europe.

Specification of instruments

Natural gas, known on Forex as natural gas (NATGAS) quoted against the dollar is available under the symbol GAS.CMD / USD. Quotations in 00 hours: 00-23: 00.

Copper, with ang. High Grade Copper, also quoted in relation to the dollar, is available under the designation COPPER.CMD / USD. Quotations in 00 hours: 00-19: 00 Polish time.

The underlying instruments of the new CFDs in Dukascopy on which the quotations are based are futures from the CME exchange. It is worth noting that both of them have a maximum leverage of 1: 100 and an insight into the market volume (the so-called Depth of Market). Historical data available on the platform dates back to natural gas on August 2012, and in the case of copper on March 2012.

Dukascopy offer

Currently, the broker offers over 100 financial instruments, which include currency pairs, precious metals, CFDs on stocks and commodities. The offer is supplemented by binary options, where short-term currency options and single-session stock options are available. The introduction of new instruments from the commodities section is the implementation of a long-term plan assuming a gradual extension of the offer with high-quality contracts for exchange rate differences.

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