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Where to invest capital in the face of the global slump in 2016-2017? Webinar on February 10 at 20:00

Where to invest capital in the face of the global slump in 2016-2017? Webinar on February 10 at 20:00

created Janusz Ekert9 February 2016

We invite you to a free webinar, in which Trader21 and Piotr Głowacki will discuss their visions for the years 2016-2017 in the context of investments in the markets: shares, bonds, raw materials, precious metals and currency. The meeting is organized as part of the introduction to the Investment Congress of FxCuffs 2016.

The webinar will take place on February 10 at 20:00

About the leaders

The creator of the website. Since its inception, the portal has recorded over almost 10 millions of visits. Each week, published articles read over 60 thousand. people, of which 25 thous. it's readers. Reprints of articles also appear in the pages of many portals presenting an alternative view of the world of finance. Periodically, he gives interviews for Independent Television and runs investment-related webinars. He is also a consultant cooperating with the Adam Smith Center.

Piotr Głowacki
Licensed Stock Broker, Creator of Training and Investment Projects, Trainer and, most of all, an Investor. He is the creator of the website, which is used by 15 users. In November 000, he became a co-founder of the FxCuffs Foundation - Education and Development of Financial Markets supporting the development and education of Individual Investors.

More information and a link to registration available HERE

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Janusz Ekert
Private investor with 15 years of experience in the investment market, specialist in the currency market. He puts the effectiveness of fundamental and technical analysis above all, focusing on simplicity and consistency. President of OnTrade Sp. z o. o., owner of the Forex Club brand. Snooker enthusiast.