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Invest Cuffs 2019 - Cast your vote for your favorites!

Invest Cuffs 2019 - Cast your vote for your favorites!

created Paweł MosionekDecember 16, 2018

FxCuffs transforms into ... Invest Cuffs. As the FxCuffs Foundation informed, the fifth edition of the plebiscite of awards on the Polish investment market has just started. And it is in a modified form. Today Internet users can vote for their favorites and submit their own candidacies.

Expo Invest Cuffs 2019

The name change is also an extension of the event's formula, though only to a certain extent. So far, the largest Expo in the Central and Eastern Europe on investment topics focused primarily on the foreign exchange and CFD markets. But more and more often, Forex is also associated with cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies with blockchain technology, and blockchain with banking, real estate and the widely understood FinTech industry. There will also be space for funds and the stock market. Hence the extension of the scope of the event and the change of name to Expo Invest Cuffs it seems to be a natural course of things.

Commissioner of the Invest Cuffs Competition, Janusz Ekert, comments:

“The changes in the formula of this edition of the Competition may not come as a surprise, but in relation to what we announced, they are quite significant. In addition to increasing the number of Categories, we also decided that from this edition only the top 3 would be nominated. So the competition should be even more exciting. "

Give your vote back

In the edition of the competition for the year 2019, the organizers have expanded the number of categories to 17. During the ceremonial Gala Invest Cuffs 2019, which will take place on March 22 2019 in the Krakow ICE congress center will be awarded statuettes in each of them. We strongly encourage you to vote for your favorites. We present the list of categories below.

  • Brokerage House of the Year
  • Polish Forex Broker of the Year
  • Polish Broker of CFD of the Year
  • Foreign Forex Broker of the Year
  • Foreign CFD Broker of the Year
  • Personality of the Year
  • Analyst of the Year
  • Journalist of the Year
  • Investment Portal of the Year
  • Blog of the Year
  • Product of the Year
  • Event of the Year
  • Investment Fund of the Year
  • Internet Currency of the Year
  • Stock Market Blockchain of the Year
  • Publication of the Year
  • Marketing campaign of the year


Schedule of the competition

You can cast your vote by going through the link below to the competition page. When voting, you can inform us whether you are going to Expo Invest Cuffs, which will be held 22-23 on March 2019 in Krakow, and soon you will receive a rebate code to buy a ticket.

The schedule of the competition is as follows:

  • Stage I (lasting until 31 December 2018) - voting and the possibility of applying and creating by the Organizer on the basis of their list of candidates, which will be voted,
  • Stage II (lasts to 31 January 2019) - vote for one of the candidates from the list of applications,
  • Stage III (lasts until November 21 2019) - selection by the Chapter from among the final candidates of the winners in individual categories. 

Details of the competition procedure can be found in Regulations competition.


Report from the FxCuffs 2018 Gala

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