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Invest Cuffs 2019 - Report from the XNUMXth edition of the Expo

Invest Cuffs 2019 - Report from the XNUMXth edition of the Expo

created Natalia Bojko25 March 2019

For the fifth time Krakow has become the host of the largest investment conference in the country. Within two days (22-23 in March), the conference attracted thousands of participants. On three floors of the Krakow Congress Center you could meet and talk with representatives of brokerage companies, banks and capital market experts. Thanks to the expanded formula of this year's edition, it has gathered great speakers not only from the forex industry, but also real estate, crowdfunding and the stock market. We invite you to read the report from this year's edition of Expo Invest Cuffs 2019.

22 March

charity trading

Results from charity trading.

As in the last year's edition of the congress, in addition to a wide range of lectures, in the majority of completely free lectures, charity trading for the stock took place "Investors for Children". Profits from this venture were intended for charity purposes. There were plenty of people willing to spend a few hours in front of the graph to support this noble goal. The whole action was additionally financially supported by a broker X-Trade Brokers. Eventually, the charity was donated 7433 PLN.

It was impossible to attend all lectures. Nevertheless, their subject matter was so diverse that you could freely find a lot of interesting lectures, from areas that particularly aroused our interest. The Friday agenda, in addition to the standard forms of lectures, was enriched with several debates and the Invest Cuffs awards gala, preceded by an earlier Internet vote in 18 categories.

Rafał Zaorski - about speculation

Zaorski's reef

Rafał Zaorski on stage. The hall is bursting at the seams.

One of the lectures which enjoyed a large attendance was Rafał Zaorski's lecture on speculation. Filled to the brim, the room listened with interest, among other things, to the impact of emotions on the market and how the book "On speculation" served its author to give market value and manipulate its course. Rafał presented in detail the whole process of this manipulation. Everything had its beginning in the post posted on the TJS group with the information that the book that Zaorski had been working on since the 2015 year was completed. Shortly thereafter, information appeared that when reaching a thousand likes'ów will be made available earlier, which occurred a minute before the planned, the actual date of its publication in the form of a free e-book. The official sale in printed form took place on February 23, where the day after Rafał gave the information about the daily increase in the price of the book. Movies that appeared after 250 sold plays, as he explained, were to stimulate the crowd to continue buying. 28.02 officially sold out the entire circulation, which, according to Rafał's theory, ended the primary market and started the book market on the secondary market. Therefore, what message followed this example? The market is created by emotions. The book was meant to show how you can manipulate even the stock market. Zaorski has repeatedly emphasized that the essence of speculation is not to follow the trend, but to create it. One should capture the moment when the market panics and when it is in euphoria and use this fact ahead of time, and not be part of the ongoing movement.

Ways of market manipulation

invest cuffs piotr wilczyński

Piotr Wilczyński on market manipulations

A moment before the lecture of Rafał Zaorski, the subject of market manipulation was discussed by Piotr Wilczyński in the lecture "DAYTRADING - methods of market manipulation". In this two-part lecture, conducted in the form of a mini-workshop, we could mainly hear about how to spot a false break in the market, how to observe the daily charts and, among other things, that in trading patience pays off and is not about it contrary to appearances, so easy. The subject is so interesting that it exceeded the possibilities of ... a 200-seat lecture hall.

Joe DiNapoli on the functioning of markets

joe dinapoli

Joe DiNapoli

Joe DiNapoli's lecture was preceded by speeches by his two experts. I am talking about Piotr Grela in the lecture "Trade as you like and what you want, but only MACD Predictor DiNapoli will send you a leading message!" and Tomasz Augustynowicz "How to get an advantage in the market, ie trading like a pro". All three lectures were combined. The main message that could be drawn from them is that a good trader is one who can also play higher intervals. An important issue in trade is to have a plan where the strategy is its smallest component. The key skill is to keep the position and exit from it at the right moment. Experts, in addition to several tips for building an effective trading strategy, also presented the use of MACD Predictor DiNapoli's proprietary tool, which (mainly Piotr Grela) presented quite broadly.

Invest Cuffs 2019 Awards Gala

One of the main Friday events was the awards gala. This year, several new categories have been added, which together created a list of eighteen honors. The results were known only to the Chairman of the Council of the Invest Cuffs Foundation - Janusz Ekert. Of course, the preceding event, the vote, influenced it. The investor community, among the previously submitted applications, chose those who were in the final three. The chapter then cast anonymous voices.


During the gala ceremony, the largest entities on the Polish and international currency market and personalities who had a significant impact on it were distinguished.


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