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How to earn on Forexie 26 000 USD while conducting a lecture?

How to earn on Forexie 26 000 USD while conducting a lecture?

created Paweł MosionekDecember 1, 2014

21-23 November, the Polish branch of the Traders Center was at the Professional Investor Conference in Zakopane, organized by the Association of Individual Investors. Max Idzik, Head Trader and President of Traders Center conducted a live speculation session on a private LIVE account with the value of $ 1,768,000. The session aroused considerable interest. This 3,5 hour lesson of speculation on the currency market was observed by several dozen people, including individual investors and professionals from the industry.

The effects of trading on the LIVE account are the 26.000 dollar profit in 3,5 hours, with the risk of a position not exceeding 1% of the deposited capital. The return rate was 1,5%. Mr. Idzik was the first in history at the Hall full of industry experts showed how a professional approach to speculation and investment in the currency market looks like. This is the first ever live session in Poland on this size. Despite the presence of other lecturers, Max was the only one during this conference to show live effective techniques from London City, on the real account, commenting and explaining the actions taken. Nobody has dared to show the practical application of their methods, which translate into real effectiveness. The numbers speak for themselves. The limited time of the presentation was the main reason for which the result closed only on 1.5%.



Watching an effective trader in action is one of the fastest and surest ways to improve your skills. Possessing theoretical knowledge is one issue, and the other skilfully using it in practice, taking into account the additional impulse of stress and emotions that accompanies investment and speculation on the capital markets. At the Live Trading session, Max Idzik showed how the whole system works in practice. Also during the training, he introduces his students to the functioning of the Forex market and other capital markets as well as strategy elements and risk management. Training at Max Idzik's school is the only offer of this type on the Polish market. Here, the theory is combined with practice supported by many years of experience, drawn in the capital of the currency market that is London CITY and more specifically "Square Mile", where Max ran the fund. Only in the Traders Center you can learn the approach to speculation that Max Idzik and his colleagues in London City are using to manage large capital. Everyone can learn how to build the right strategy and apply it in practice.



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