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The book "When money dies" is now available at

The book "When money dies" is now available at

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In 1923, when the German currency became practically worthless, the Weimar Republic almost reverted to a barter economy. Expensive cigars, works of art, and jewels were routinely exchanged for staple foods such as bread; You could buy a movie ticket for a piece of coal, and a bottle of kerosene for a silk shirt. In desperation, the Bavarian prime minister even submitted a bill to the local parliament declaring gluttony a crime punishable by severe punishment.

Since its first publication in 1975, the book "When Money Dies" became the classic story of these strange and frightening times. Weaving elegant analyzes with many accounts of direct witnesses, ordinary people fighting for survival, focusing primarily on the human aspect of inflation, it raises the question of why governments have resorted to it. It describes its terrible corruptive impact on citizens, the tortures of currency recovery, and the dark, long-lasting legacy it has left behind.

"The Prime Minister should put a copy of this fascinating book next to every bed in his country mansion Checkers" - The Times


Forex Club is pleased to take the patronage of the Polish edition of the book.

Who is Adam Fergusson?Adam Ferguson

Adam Fergusson is a British journalist, writer and politician of the Conservative Party, who was also a member of the European Parliament for one term. He comes from a noble family of Scottish baronets. His grandfather, Sir Charles Fergusson, was the governor general of New Zealand. He worked as a journalist in the British magazines "The Herald", "The Statist" and "The Times".

When money dies - Where to buy

The book is available in bookstore at the price of 84 PLN.

We have a discount of all for our club members -5% to buy this book. Soon, a review of the book and a competition will appear in our website, in which you'll be able to win two copies.

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