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Trader of the Month earned more than 84 000 USD in September [Tickmill Contest]

Trader of the Month earned more than 84 000 USD in September [Tickmill Contest]

created Paweł MosionekSEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Trader of the month - September 2019

The best trader of the month in the September edition of the competition Tickmill turned out to be an investor named Yubao who earned more than 84 thousands of dollars! Although the rate of return may not make you dizzy, the profit on your account already. Yubao is also living proof that great results can be achieved with efficacy below 50%.

Congratulations! We also encourage you to read the interview for Tickmill.

84 thousand USD of profit in a month

The trader of the month concluded 121 transactions in September, of which "only" 46% of them ended with a profit. Trading was carried out mainly on instruments preferred in Asian countries - precious metals (gold and silver) that the Chinese love, USD / CNH and USD / JPY currency pairs and CFDs on the Hang Seng (HK50) stock exchange index.

The very favorable financial result was the result of actions already undertaken. Some items were open even in June and July, and only closed in September. Profit per single position has often been very decent, all the more taking into account the volume of transactions (e.g. for gold transactions with the volume of 0.1 lot profit was over 1400 USD).

However, there is a tendency to gradually increase involvement in one instrument along with the increasing loss from the first position. The trader started from a low volume, then gradually doubled it in subsequent positions. Element of a complex strategy or attempt to save? At times, the risk was significant, and none of the transactions had defensive orders or Take Profit set. The approach has proved successful. However, we do not know the answer to the question how much Yubao would be able to withstand.

Regular payments, although they constituted a relatively small percentage of the total capital, certainly increased security in the event of unfavorable conditions or overestimation of the assumptions of the strategy used. The highest cumulative profit was achieved on September 10. After that, the trend turned to a downward trend. Of the 145 thousand earned USD was donated over 60 thousand. USD. As they say - whoever does not risk does not drink champagne. So cheers Yubao! 🙂

trader of the tickmill month

Yubao Capital Curve - September 2019

Transaction history in numbers:

  • Profit: $ 84,533.4
  • Return: 37,92%
  • Total number of transactions: 121
  • Profitable transactions: 46.28%

Statement trader (PDF)

Interview with a trader

How long have you been involved in trade?

I have been trading on the Forex market for 5 years.

How did your adventure with Forex trading begin?

I got involved in trading on the Forex market by a friend who recommended it to me.

What is your trading style?

I prefer short-term trade.

Do you have any risk management policies?

Yes, risk management is necessary, I learn it all the time.

What good habits should investors be fooled about?

I think position management.

Describe your best / most-remembered transaction (How much did you earn? What strategy did you use? On which pair?)

My most memorable exchange was USDJPY. I was able to earn over $ 10,000.

What advice would you give to novice investors?

Focus on position management.

Considering the current market situation, what do you think data / investors should pay attention to?

Very short-term traders should focus on macroeconomic data.

What is the most important thing you expect from a Broker?

Stability is the most important factor for me.

competition rules

The winner of the competition is selected by the Tickmill Jury. The win is not only determined by the rate of return - it is the total that matters. Factors such as earned profit, position management, risk and trading skills are taken into account. There is also one more necessary condition - interviewing the broker and consent to make the account history public. Only then does the prize of $ 1 go to the trader's investment account.

The principles introduced are aimed not only at showing that you can make money on the Forex market, but also consciously educate and encourage sharing experience with other traders.

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