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In August, inflation did not go on holiday and amounted to 16,1%

In August, inflation did not go on holiday and amounted to 16,1%

created Forex ClubAugust 31 2022

By a quick estimate GUS, in August, inflation stood at 16,1%, rising from 15,6%. in July. You can see that we have more months of significant price increases ahead of us.

Inflation accelerated despite cheaper gasoline

Inflation increased despite a further decline in gasoline prices, which fell by 8,3% in August. towards July. On the other hand, food prices increased by 1,6%. and energy carriers, including coal and natural gas by 3,7 percent. A further rise in inflation makes an increase almost certain interest rates at the MPC meeting on September 7. The most likely scenario is a rate hike by 0,5 pp

Poles in bank deposits suffer record losses. On an annual bank deposit established at the beginning of September 2021 and completed in August 2022, the real loss of its holder was 13,7%.

Poles fear inflation the most

Inflation is currently the most important cause of concern for investors, both in Poland and abroad. According to the study eToro The Individual Investor Pulse, in which 10 retail investors in 000 countries were surveyed, show that of all the nations, Poles are the most afraid of inflation. In the second quarter of 14, as much as 2022 percent. of Polish investors surveyed indicate rising inflation as the main cause for concern (up from 66% in the first quarter of 59), while in all countries surveyed, inflation is a concern of 2022%. respondents (increase from 54%).

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