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Wall Street in the shadow of macroeconomic data [Closer to the Stock Exchange]

Wall Street in the shadow of macroeconomic data [Closer to the Stock Exchange]

created Forex ClubApril 12 2023

The holiday period caused the volatility in the capital markets to decrease somewhat. However, everything points to only a temporary calming down of the situation. All thanks to the disturbing macroeconomic data from the US and the upcoming earnings season on Wall Street, which will be started by large banks.

Will macro data bring a solution?

At the end of last week we got to know the latest macroeconomic data from the United States. To put it mildly, they did not look good, so we are in a time of great anticipation for the US inflation reading. This will be crucial for Fed, which in May will face another decision on further policy related to interest rates. It can be assumed that this will also have a strong impact on stock indices.

Stock market investors are certainly waiting for the start of the earnings season on Wall Street. This Friday (April 14), this series will be launched by large American banks - JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Citigroup. It is especially worth paying attention to the latter entity, because the expected results may signal high volatility. Nevertheless, we are talking about the largest entities that, according to the XTB expert, may benefit from the recent uncertainty related to smaller entities in this sector. we invite you to Webinar Closer to the Exchangein which we look at Swiss banks in a fire of questions.

In the latest webinar:

  • Will the Fed keep its interest rate policy?
  • Will the results of American banks surprise positively?
  • What impact will the recent collapses in this sector have on the largest US banks?

Host: Mateusz Czyżkowski

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