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Bicasso will create your NFT collection on Binance for you

Bicasso will create your NFT collection on Binance for you

created Michał Sielski6 March 2023

You have an idea for a collection NFTbut you don't have graphic skills? Does not matter. the biggest Binance cryptocurrency exchange is just launching a platform that will create unique NFTs thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. You do not need to know either graphics or coding to quickly become a millionaire? Time will tell.

So far, NFT collections have been created in cooperation with programmers and graphic designers. The former took care of the technology, and the latter - the graphic design of the collection and the implementation of the idea. It was a bit like with classic artists: you had to know a lot and have a sense of art and audience, just be an artist, only digital. But these are old times, because we are about to enter new ones.

Artificial intelligence will create NFT

Of course, it sets new trends Binance – the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. On its NFT trading platform, it has just launched a new tool with a symptomatic name Bicassa. A reference to the famous painter Pablo Picasso (and the name of the exchange - Binance) is not accidental. The tool is a creator who can create digital art on demand.

What's more, we don't even have to prepare sketches or designs to create completely new and of course unique NFTs. All we have to do is enter a specific query and Bicasso will generate sample NFT collections for us, which we can quickly put up for sale.

Changpeng Zhao: 10 for now NFT

– You can now turn your vision into NFT with the help of artificial intelligence. Feel free to try and share what comes out - Changpeng Zhao, creator and manager of the Binance exchange, encourages on Twitter.

CZ also informs that for now the platform is in Beta mode. It will initially allow the issuance of 10. NFT tokens. After that, possible improvements will be introduced, especially in the field of machine learning of AI systems.

Bicasso is not new

Interestingly, the design of the Binance exchange is not all that innovative. Digital art generators that rely on artificial intelligence algorithms have already been created before. These include Midjourney or DALL-E, which work practically on the same principle: we enter a task, and an image is created based on our description. The novelty, however, is that it can be regenerated in such a way that it can be changed in NFT, which will be immediately placed on the BSC, i.e. the Binance blockchain.

Artificial intelligence in the cryptocurrency market

The new functionality offered by Binance is a big revolution on the NFT market. Until now, it was available only to creators who had a lot of skills or means to pay the right companies or people professionally dealing with it.

Now virtually anyone can create NFTs. By combining artificial intelligence with the NFT creation platform, digital art can enter a whole new, higher level.

New AI-based NFTs are already emerging

It didn't take long for Binance users to create new NFT tokens. After information from CZ, more than 3,5 thousand have already been created. NFT files that were generated by Bicasso. So far, there have been no price records for their sales, but it is certainly only a matter of time.

Especially since NFT collections have not been as discounted as, for example, cryptocurrencies during the last crisis. On the market, they still reach dizzying prices, the volume of trade and interest in NFT are also growing, despite the fact that - as some predicted - it was supposed to be only a short fad.

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