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Wall Street Conference, 6-8 June, Karpacz

Wall Street Conference, 6-8 June, Karpacz

created Paweł Mosionek5 May 2014

Individual investors will meet again in Karpacz at the WallStreet conference. This is the eighteenth edition of this largest investment conference in Poland, which this year will be held on 6-8 June at the Gołębiewski hotel in Karpacz. Participants, in addition to gaining knowledge, will also celebrate the 15th anniversary of SII.

Forex Club is the media patron of this event.

The Association of Individual Investors traditionally prepares for the event participants a real treat. What has been the strength of the WallStreet conference for over 18 years this year will not disappoint even the most demanding participants. Anyone who decides to appear at the beginning of June in the Giant Mountains, through 3 days will be able to create their own program and draw on the knowledge and skills of the most effective practitioners. Over 20 lectures, several panel discussions, the opportunity to meet with representatives of more than 60 listed companies, allows you to choose from the very rich program the most interesting issues. It is a tradition that the choice of speakers is made by investors themselves. This year, we managed to meet most expectations regarding the list of WallStreet lecturers, thanks to which investors will have the opportunity to listen to specialists such as: Birger Schäfermeier, Wim Lievens, Wojciech Białek, Rafał Glinicki, Marek Zuber, Paweł Szczepanik, Prof. Robert Gwiazdowski, Professor Tomasz Zaleśkiewicz or dr Jacek Welc.

And these are only some of the famous names in the substantive part of the WallStreet conference! The president of SII - Jarosław Dominiak points out that these are not the only names for which it is worth booking three days in Karpacz. For several years, we have been able to invite icons of the Polish stock exchange and economy as well as CEOs of the largest listed companies to participate in WallStreet. On the occasion of the anniversary, we could not disappoint the participants who will meet with dr Jan Kulczykwith whom we will talk about the future of the capital market in Poland orAdam Góral, President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland - one of the largest companies in Europe in the IT industry. And this is not the end of surprises associated with this year's WallStreet.

On the eve of the conference, for the first time, on Thursday, June 5, there will be an additional training session entitled "Psychology of success in business and sport" led by Paweł Jan Mróz.

In addition, WallStreet is hundreds, if not thousands of captivating conversations of thousands of capital market lovers. As every year we remember that this "networking" could materialize in the most pleasant surroundings and with a dose of good entertainment. The 15th anniversary of the existence of the Association of Individual Investors oblige. On the occasion of the birthday on Friday evening, participants will be able to have fun at a concert of the Polish rock legend - IRA band. However, on Saturday, after a day of lectures, conference participants will laugh at one of the most popular Polish cabarets - Limo.

All those interested in the Polish capital market for the meeting in Karpacz are invited by the President of the SII - Jarosław Dominiak: "The WallStreet Conference is not only the largest meeting of individual investors in Poland. This is an event where everyone interested in finances, especially the most important - private ones, can meet with other investors eye to eye. During the preparations for this year's conference, I have heard words very pleasantly several times. Attending to attend one of the well-known speakers in response, I heard: "please give me only the date, you do not have to convince me to participate." In turn, at one of the meetings with investors, when the WallStreet conference was mentioned, one of the investors joked that there are events that ads do not need. These extremely nice words are the best and most pleasant assessment of the efforts that SII has put into the organization of this event for over a dozen years. I am convinced that after this year's edition participants will similarly speak about the WallStreet conference. "

This WallStreet is special because this year we celebrate the 15 anniversary, the feast of all those thanks to which our organization has become what it is today. I hope we will celebrate together. I invite you warmly. See you in Karpacz. "

A rich content program, some entertainment and fun. The WallStreet Conference is a celebration of individual investors at its best.

Strategic Partners: PZU and Azoty Tarnów. Organizational Partner: KDPW_ and KDPW_CCP. The main partners of this year's conference: Raiffeisen BROKERS and Raiffeisen CENTROBANK, TRADERS CENTER, TAURON Polska Energia, Citi Handlowy and Dom Maklerski Citi Handlowy. Partners: DM BOŚ, XTB, Iron FX, DM BZWBK, PZU Inwestycje, mDom Brokerage, DM PKO,Dukascopy, WHSelfinwest, JSW, Notoria Serwis, ATM, Atende, Lubelski Węgiel "Bogdanka", XM, IMS, Ambra, Prometeia Capital, Admiral Boats, UNIMOT GAZ, POWER Media. Supporting Partner: VSA Trader.

All current conference information:

We cordially invite 6 June to Karpacz!

Source: Association of Individual Investors

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