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The TMS Brokers competition has come to an end. Results submit

The TMS Brokers competition has come to an end. Results submit

created Paweł MosionekJune 28 2019

The TMS Brokers competition has come to an end. The third edition of the competition on the mobile trading platform selected three best traders who outclassed their competitors with a high rate of return. Reminder: the investment contest took place in three weekly rounds on demo accounts with the 10 000 EUR deposit.

The competition was extremely fierce. Below we present a summary of the results of the competition.

DAX is again the most popular

176 different instruments - this is the amount of assets used by the contestants to multiply their capital. It wasn't just the currency market. Often times, high volatility has been sought in cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices, and even ETFs. In the popularity ranking, the most frequently chosen instrument was the DAX30 CFD (marked as DE30). WTI crude oil came second. Only in third place was the most popular currency pair - the euro dollar.

Interestingly, the instruments that turned out to be the most profitable were USD / CHF, silver and contracts for WIG 20 (PL20). The statistics also show that the longer the competition lasted, the better results were achieved by its participants. In the third stage, the number of accounts with positive balance exceeded 47%.

When did the participants trade?

The greatest activity of traders was shown at the beginning of each of the weeks of competition. In the following days, the number of positions entered into decreased. This is probably due to the fact that most traders bet on the so-called "Golden shot", or froze a significant portion of your capital right at the start to increase your chance of hitting the best move.

Transactions were most often concluded in the morning, about 9: 00, and then only around 16: 00-17: 00, which is the opening hours of exchanges in Europe and in the United States.

tms contest

Hours of trade of competition participants

I place

The winner needed to make transactions in the entire 52 competition to win. At the same time, he traded on the German stock exchange through DE30, was active on the WTI and gold market, tried his hand at exotic USD / TRY currency pair, but also on slightly more popular AUD / USD and USD / CAD. He also used greater volatility on cryptocurrencies by opening positions on CFD on Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and Litecoin (LTCUSD). Throughout the competition, his best transaction was the one from the first day of the DE30 competition, which enriched the portfolio by more than EUR 2912.

tms competition results

Equity of the first three of the competition

second place

The silver medalist for the entire 3 weeks only made 17 transactions. It mainly focused its trade on the DE30 instrument, that is the CFD contract based on the German DAX index. Only in the last week he switched his interest to WTI oil, which he de facto earned. In the whole competition, the second week turned out to be the best period for the trader, as evidenced by the rate of return at almost 73 percent. His best trade is the position on DE30 from the first days of competition. 3248 euro gained on it.

third place 

The winner of the bronze medal gained mainly during the first week. It was at the beginning of the rivalry that he traded on WTI oil, which gave him a return rate of over 142 per cent. In the first stage, the trader opened the 14 position, all on the same instrument (OILWTI). The transaction was impressive, giving a profit of over 7762 euros, which largely determined the final result.

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