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"Hunters of Suckers" are on the KNF's list of warnings

Blacklisted Suckers. In today's announcement, the PFSA announced that Eubi Investments sp. Z oo with its seat in Warsaw was placed on the list of public warnings. And while this name probably says nothing to most, the title hunters leave no doubts about who it is. Officially a call center, unofficially a company operating in the financial industry without the required permits.

After the thread to the ball

Eubi Investments sp. Z oo was added to the list of warnings due to the suspicion of committing a crime under Art. 178 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments (conducting brokerage activities without the permission of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority), which is subject to a financial penalty of up to PLN 5 million. The company itself was registered in 2013 as a "call center", however, it is no problem to find traces of its connection with SkyFX on the Internet.

In one of the job advertisements from 2015, you can find the following excerpt:

"We are an official partner of SKYFX. We provide access to transaction platforms, thanks to which the customer has access to markets from all over the world, Forex, CFD contracts. "

SkyFX is a company owned by an Israeli Trademarker broker. However, the license of this company has been suspended by CySEC a year ago. Trademarker Cyprus itself filed for bankruptcy in 2016. It is also on the list of KNF warnings since December this year, we informed in a separate article. It was then that the KNF placed "in bulk" several companies suspected of unethical and unlawful solicitation to invest under the guise of Forex brokers.

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This is not the end of history

The CEO of the company that hit the warning list today is Raz Gal, and the vice president is Sinay Nadav. Ava Trade Polska Sp. z o. o. "by accident" has an identical composition of the management board. AvaTrade is a large and world-famous Forex broker operating under an Irish license. However, officially "Polish AvaTrade" and "Irish AvaTrade" are not related to each other. However, the interested person himself does not deny or confirm it.

Avatrade.pl and avatradepolska.pl websites are active in the network. A representative of an international brokerage company from Ireland confirmed that their property is only the first address. However, would AvaTrade's parallel twin site work simultaneously without any consent?

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